15 February 2009

Ratio Faker 0.92 by Matías

Ratio Faker 0.9 by Matías
is out!
Ratio Faker offers the possibility to generate a random value in every announce, like in a real bittorrent transfer scenario. Obviously, you must select the values moderately not to extreme. Tested with uTorrent 1.8.x

The new version of Ratio Faker use a brand new written engine with a nice GUI.

Homepage and always up to date download:

This build support multilanguages.

It's a great Freeware Program, lets help together and localize it into your Languages!

"If you are going to post this somewhere else, please link to: http://ratiofaker.blogspot.com/ instead of direct linking to the download files. Feedback is welcomed."

So please be kind and write feedback to the Authors website!

Wear a small 88x31 banner (ratio-faker.gif 295 bytes) you can use in Forum Signatures and Websites to link to the Homepage: http://ratiofaker.blogspot.com/
Ratio Faker


local Download mirrors

Ratio Faker 0.9.2

DDL Ratio Faker + Console Version:

Program exe Version RatioFaker File Checksum Hashes:
File: RatioFaker.exe
CRC-32: c2152222
MD4: 10c633efd29d7adebc6cb19b9025e6f4
MD5: 5e6473fc7e43665a549312cd7b693bc0
SHA-1: 01a3649a614d9bb5f20a6a253c9f023a1a5fc784
Size: 161 KB (164.864 bytes)

RatioFaker 0.9.2.rar | Mirror EU

older Versions:

Ratio Faker 0.9 fixed

hash checksum to compaire:

File: RatioFaker.exe
CRC-32: 052ebfb5
MD4: fd05d4eff8b92b8d07b983d79c20abb7
MD5: 37fd504fc15ccd673acbab2db867ab08
SHA-1: 5700c8826d9716dd4e84e9e1bc6e90f5096e9d49

ddl: RatioFaker.zip

Please visit Authors Homepage for always up to date Version!


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