01 February 2009

eMule 0.49b Sivka v19b1 [The Enhanced AirPort Edition]

eMule Sivka v19b1 - The AirPort EdiTion

04. Feb. 2009

Fixed: reask sources by internet connection down and reconnect, if upnp is enabled reset mapping > remap as soon internet is connected again.
the error with upnp reconnect:

Fix > do after x times repeating without getting a server connection again


by startup UpnP mapping works now correct in range before connecting to a server, a way faster init

Added a line more info from integrated CAMEL - CPU Identifier enhanced CPU Speed info / optimizer code parts in this mod to emule.cpp (after the old fixed bug by GetExtendedProcessorName). Show now Processor/CPU speed after Prozessor name
AddLogLine(false,L"Clock Frequency: %d MHz",cpu.GetProcessorClockFrequency());

Better completed CPU instr. nfo:

04.02.2009 21:09:08: ***********Optimizer***********
04.02.2009 21:09:08: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640
04.02.2009 21:09:08: Clock Frequency: 3294 MHz
04.02.2009 21:09:08: AMD optimizations active
04.02.2009 21:09:08: L1->128.00 KB L2->1.00 MB
04.02.2009 21:09:08: MMX MMX+ SSE SSE2 3DNOW 3DNOW+
04.02.2009 21:09:08: ***********Optimizer***********

info: http://web.archive.org/web/20021009024322/www.voodoo-magic.net/downloads.html

Updated: miniupnp to v 1.77 [ http://miniupnp.free.fr/ ]

Updated libs:
- libpng from 1.2.28 April 30, 2008 to 1.2.34 December 18, 2008 [ see Security and Crash Bugs in Older Versions - Vulnerability Warning ]
- F1 open sivka FAQ = http://web.archive.org/web/20060424130240/http://www.emule-web.de/board/1687-sivka-faq.html

compiled with VS 2008 SP1 + Kb's/updates up to Jan 2009

program is packed with upx to save space with a small imagebase [ http://upx.sourceforge.net/ ] can be uncompressed with switch -d

Build2: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_04-02-2009-pre-II.zip
Build1: eMule.exe

compressed size: 1,59 MB (1.675.776 bytes)
uncompressed Size: 4,84 MB (5.082.112 bytes)


03. Feb. 2009

changes 3th Feb. 2009:

- HideOvershares //SLUGFILLER: hideOS
- Selective ChunkSharing //sivka: SelectiveShare
- missing icons
- make dialog res str as much as possible translatable
- added friend menu in all lists
- intern change modstr. in menu + option protocol addons off
- optional signal sound

sivka options:
+ HideOvershares
+ SelectiveShare

Download: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_04-02-2009-pre.zip

without [default]:
Download Refresh Release: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_03-02-2009-pre.zip


Changes since 29.01.2009

Added: Obfuscate HTTP transfer //[leuk_he] fixed send valid UserAgent string [http://whatsmyuseragent.com/]
Added: Set uploadpriority from TransferWnd, downloadlist //evl: UpPrios
Added: show nickname on splashscreen

tweaks/prefs // now sorted [sections] propper by writing to the preferences.ini
added: 10 more official Advanced preferences hidden tweaks (in extension to Tuxman's code) //leuk_he
Added: Bind eMule Address to Networkcard IP (Advanced Options)// leuk_he bindaddr
Added: Date File Name Log //SiRoB, AndCycle //log , prefs, ppgtweaks
verify log files are places in the "log" folder //Mighty Knife
Added: An ordinary Friendboost + AutoFriendSlot > options, extended selectable on/of //Pretender EastShare
Added: ChunkDots -> options, extended selectable
Added: Push PartFiles -> options, extended selectable
Improved: max. and min. limitations settings in sivka

Bugfix: by ilmira updownclient UserHash
Bugfix: by Xman - Fix Filtered Block Request
HotFix: to avoid crash at shutdown by SiRoB
removed: improved: make source add action thread safe (Enig123)

Remaining bugs : Client ico recolonization between emule compatible and emule
UpnP Portmapping: Remapping after a line drop / disconnect [svr reconnect]

app using SSE2 Compiled libs


Bin new: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_02-02-2009-pre.zip
Bin old: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_01-02-2009-pre.zip

SRC: libs
miniupnp 1.77 2008/12/18 [ http://miniupnp.free.fr/files/ ]

3thsources.zip 6.29 MB

File sharing & torrents by VIPeers

torrent: VIPeers_eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin%2004-02-2009-pre-II.zip.torrent
url download link
podmail: http://delivery.podmailing.com/download/yIk3kLUrH1ts-xNxo1m3Ig==/eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin%2004-02-2009-pre-II.zip.zed


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