28 February 2009

eMule 0.49c Apace² V1.0 Beta 1 by morph4u


Apace² V1.0 Beta 1

Based on eMule 0.49c ZZUL 20090222-2320


+ ClientAnalyzer
+ CA-Log
+ Custom Modstring
+ Random Modstring
+ Slotcontrol
+ Upload only to eMule Clients
+ Emulate others
+ Enhanced Client Recognization
+ Faster KAD reasktime
+ No Ratio
+ Download in red
+ PS files in uploadlist red
+ Changed statusbar
+ Kick/Ban
+ Reask
+ Changed some icons
+ Shutdown after download
+ Copy ClipStat
+ Save/Load Sources
+ Hash Progress
+ Changed Queuesize
+ Longer timelimits for larger buffer
+ Unlimited Slot
+ Force uploadslot
+ Community
+ Clientcredits AntiShape
+ KnownClientBonus
+ Max Chunks
+ Modversion in Clientdetails
+ Select all in menus
+ Copy Link [/URL]
+ File Feedback
+ Kickall
+ More defaults in message/commentfilter
+ Client IP in Clientdetails
+ OwnCredits in Clientdetails
+ 'copy-able' client details values
+ CatDialogWindow new designed
+ Variable Compression
+ Unlimited Friendslots
+ Remember Friendslots
+ Auto Unban when Friend to add is a banned
+ Friendhandling in all lists
+ Automatic Friendslot
+ Log Friend activities
+ Remove all Friendslots
+ Don't delete static Servers
+ MinQR
+ Friendnote
+ Powershare and Community from Queuesize excluded
+ Custom UploadPrio
+ Variable bantime
+ SeeOnQueue
+ Community Icon
+ AntiMod
+ AntiComm
+ Active Permissions
+ BetterPassiveSourceFinding
+ IPFilter Update
+ Show Blockratio
+ IP2Country
+ SearchColors

- Help
- MobileMule
- VersionsCheck
- Wizzard
- AboutBox
- TextToSpeech
- Splashscreen

Apace² is developed by morph4u

1000 thanks for update!


ed2k: Emule 0.49C Apace² v1.0 Beta 1.rar

Filesharehost: http://uploaded.to/file/s2t13n/Emule_0.49C_Apace%C2%B2_v1.0_Beta_1.rar

DDL: emule_0.49c_apace_v1.0_beta_1.rar

Apace Mod is one of the best eMule mods with the most features a mod can have. Now in latest emule Version 0.49c base available.


Anonymous said...

New mod! but unfortunately it's very slow , i await another mod

Anonymous said...

Great! runs very fast...

Recon said...

Here too it is fast. I downloading with good full internetspeed 3mb/s, but i have these days a lot of line drops (internet down or fall out and reconnect).

Anonymous said...

It is not always the fault of Mod how fast he is ;-)

At me Apace² do a good job.

And dont forget, its only a fast build for a "light" Apace 0.49c

Recon said...

jups by me Apace Mod is faster as official eMule. No problem with speed at all. Great mod! Keep it up!

I run Apace 0.49c mod now and it works excellent. Good upload and download speed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! very good version!

Anonymous said...

This is really nice version, here its too fast...

Anonymous said...

Update to Beta 2 !!!


Apace² V1.0 Beta 2


+ DropSystem
+ RelaxOnStartUp
+ BetterClientAttaching
+ LoopImprovement
+ AutoDropImmunity
+ SearchCatch
+ CacheUDPSearchResults
+ AICHSecurity
+ ReconnectToKadAfterConnection
+ AutoKadFirewallRecheck
+ Automatic shared files updater
+ Commboost
+ Friendbost
+ UpPrio in Downloadlist
+ Permission in Downloadlist
+ Fixed minor bug in queuelist
+ Forgotten Modversion Column added
+ Some codecleanings and cleaner optionspages
+ Some small fixes and optimations
- Removed IP2Country from KAD to save recources

Anonymous said...

Any modder that has a brain will understand. If he REALLY loves his code, why would he devote it to ruining the very network that allows his code to live?
eD2k network dies? All that code dies too :/
And no one will remember it.

Anonymous said...

2004/2005 ed2k had more than 120 leecher mods and it was at the highest point of most users. 2007/2008 80% of the leecher mods coders gone and it lost more and more users.

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