11 April 2009

eMule 0.49c VeryCD 090410 light

eMule 0.49c VeryCD 090410 light
eMule v0.49c VeryCD Build 090410
First of all the source code is VC 0.48a + small part from later easymule builds
a quick public light release

Just restricions removed

no svr ads, queue min size to 100, wordfilter complete removed (WordFilter.cpp/.h - search and upload etc...), AutoUPDATE folder and its features, no sessio ratio,... some default settings changed.

all Libs updated, some code parts updated, make code c++ 9 compatible completed.

good 300 kb/s down by 0.3 up in emergency work, don't reduce upload if not needed! The Mod is also fast in uploading!

Download CHN + ENG: eMule-0.49c-VeryCD090410-light-CHN-ENG-090412.rar 7.02 MB
oldest Build Download : eMule-0.49c-VeryCD090410-enhanced.rar 5.47 MB

100mb speedtest http file:

All Fresh all New 2009.04.12

removed: IE2EM.dll Browser helper object (BHO) and all relations // use emule default (ed2klink) to get ed2k links *****(dynamiclib.cpp/DynamicLib.h the responsable for DllRegisterServer, IE2EM.IE2EMUrlTaker,...)*****
removed complete: Update Feature sharedfiles/downloadlist/queue, etc.... //updateinfo.cpp/.h,UpdaterThread.cpp/.h calls updater.exe -checkforupdates... added by Chocobo on 2006.07.31 ; added by thilon 2006.02.23
related to remote updates in folder updates + dlp,... use official Xtreme DLP

removed: Bettersp2.cpp/.h (if set in advanced options max half open, it change/patch in realtime without userinterrupt tcpip.sys systemwide on the OS)

Codeparts maxhalfopen,... revert to 0.49b official (VC 090410 isn't merged to 0.49c core, just the send emule Version is 0.49c)

Changed: Show full client software with emule/client version + modnames/versions taken from debug in all lists

Added/Enabled: Online "Virus Scan" menu from _ENGLISH_VERSION in sharedfiles http://zs.kingsoft.com/EmuleOnlineScan/index.html?ScanPath= // (use JavaScriptEscape) JavaScriptEscape.cpp/.h: implementation of the JavaScriptEscape class. // Added by thilon on 2006.08.28

// will change the online scan to a better one later with 6 or more different scan engines, which will also reduce the code from JavaScriptEscape.cpp/.h as there is just a post command required without java

Added/Enabled: in DownloadList/Transferwnd/Partfile _PLAY_WHILE_DOWNLOADING Popmule VC-SearchDream[2007-05-16]: for see movie while downloading

// use preview button instead by all other files as wmv and rmvb

Added: remove client // easymule debug
refresh client (udp reask) some XL need a reask until they begin uploading //sivka manual un/ban in clientlist,... unban enabled and ban added

Add/Fix: missing #include < wininet.h > in partfile.cpp / PopMule.cpp

Removed: obsolete res strings,... unsused code parts

Download Test Build Latest@brsbox
size: 4,82 MB (5.061.632 bytes)
File: emule.exe
CRC-32: 72c5fc43
MD4: 7dced4c16452dc921237eb506b6040f0
MD5: 5c5d92bbff3364d9d73cd2ddf0bc3995
SHA-1: c2c0e901b9ad5de5877702affccaca439f1201a3


work in process (WIP)

Updated: UPnP to the newer VC EasyMule Version // upnpmgr fix some lowid problems

14.04.2009 16:18:49: eMule Version 0.49c VeryCD Build 090410 ready
14.04.2009 16:18:49: Connecting
14.04.2009 16:18:49: Connecting to Server eserver.lokyi.name:4242 (eserver.lokyi.name:4242 - using Protocol Obfuscation) ...
14.04.2009 16:18:49: Read 189 contacts from file.
14.04.2009 16:18:50: Connected to Server eserver.lokyi.name:4242 (eserver.lokyi.name:4242), sending login request
14.04.2009 16:18:54: Obfuscated connection established on: Server eserver.lokyi.name:4242 (eserver.lokyi.name:4242)
14.04.2009 16:18:54: New client ID is 345220414
14.04.2009 16:18:55: UPnp: TCP port mapping 443-->443 (Succeed)
14.04.2009 16:18:59: UPnp: UDP port mapping 8080-->8080 (Succeed)

Added: some missing strings

Added: default server.met update url, default nodes.dat url, default ipfilter.dat url,...
Added: search result window download paused missing ico
Recheck con to Host: client.stat.verycd.com

Recheck con. by low id

Changed : max username lengh + corrected size in options menu // lang + username field lengh

Changed: The nice VC eMule Blue Icon as application icon and the brown-red VC eMule icon as leecher icon

Added: Network-Monitor, Better half open patcher to Tools menu
Added: Move completed Downloads to Folder tool (customizable unshare downloaded finished files)



Download 14.04.2009: eMule-0.49c-VeryCD090410-light-CHN-ENG-090414.rar | DDL

Merge: Closetab, visualstylesxp, all with menu/GUI/Buttons/Dialogs don't have if vistastyle, ed2kSearch,.. it's .48a/.49a //oh, oh ohhh now comes to problems. have found that .47 code remains in the source and isnt well merged to .48 core nor to .49a. Version 49b features are missing such as autoselect kad or server search etc. by ed2k search,....

The source is something from .47 to .48 while merge to .49a isn't in this mod done completed. Impossible to clean merge this to .49b core before attempt to .49c or any professional emule moder can do the src mix from .47 with .48 direct merge to .49b/c?

Nat-t: have a small bug NatTraversal/NatThread.h integration // fix taken from NeoMule

otherfunctions: FilterUrls, TestUrl, VeriftyCertificateInfo // unknown function
from easyMule by Soar Chin at 10/17/2007 to filter extensions VC-dgkang

Added: some emule 0.49c version features such as allow to share a and b drive
(in eMule 0.49c VeryCD 090410 source could not found any 0.49c version features)
Move downloads.txt to /config folder; udp firewall recheck, udp expired key check by reconnect,... some Gui fixes from 0.49c core, some bug fixes from .49c core,,...

Added: upload prioritys to download window, below download priorities

Added: show nickname in svr window, on title

Added: Vista Icon

Added: all official hidden prefs to Options > Extended

Added: Better Friendhandling and menu construction

Added: any upload slot controll, improve highspeed uploads



Added: internal function to change build dates (modstr. Version builds)
Added: Option to Change Emule Version, Selecable Modstr. to valid easyMule Builds switchable





Test: drop old ip flags code and resolve country ip to the country flags on the same way as utorrent via ip db svr.

Add: AV Scan with updated parameters for up-to-date AV's w. autodetect installed AV soft // drop, replace online scan methode with single file analyses send to multi scan online engines

Download: < visit BBS >

Win 95 support dropped, w2k and later os compatible.



Anonymous said...

Kann mir jemand sagen wie man diesen Esel die protokol offucation Einschaltet. Danke...

Anonymous said...

VC did't merger to 49c, still in 49b, r u kidding me?

CCCP said...

not one file and feature could be found in very cd source from emule core 0.49c. Its 0.49b.

Trag n drop in sharedfile window missing,
All Options buttons are in 0.49b

Do you find any 0.49c feature in this vs build source or original compiled?

Edited many files to get it c++9 compatible the remarks on head show its not 0.49c

Anonymous said...

maybe they did a error in changelog and mean 0.49b core merge is improved?

Recon said...

never mind .49b and not .49c importand it works

CCCP said...

You good, if it will be 0.49c core I will get it ready for c++ 9 within less than 30 minutes not as by 0.49b core mods 2 complile them with VS2008.

However Version.h etc.. + About Credits is merged and work perfect after 1st beta test. I guess this only beta and the beginning of 0.49c core update. Lot to do see 0.49c official changelog the features such as unshare, all of the changes in list,....

+ share a:/ and b:/ drive
+ move downloads.txt file to
/config folder
+ kad firewall check,... (upnp limited only as they dont use miniupnp lib)
and some more from .49c features I can merge to verycd this build or easymules quick if someone need it

Anonymous said...

Nice work, keep doing!!!
I like this mod!!!

WtZ said...

Please add Don't share part files feature (no share downloading file)

You can take the don't share partfiles from the dazzle share levels...


CCCP said...

will try from NoXZ Merge to add the sharelevels http://dazzle-emule.com/download.htm

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