20 April 2009

eMule Xtreme 7.2 Mod Custom XtraSky

eMule Xtreme 7.2 Mod Custom
eMule 0.49c Xtreme-Mod 7.2
Custom compiled builds

SouRs Code: zz_fly (C++ 7.1 VS 2003 compatible)

Changed: solution, project for latest C++ 9 Compiler
Updated: Done src compatible for VS 2008 SP1 (C++ 9.0)
Removed: Droped Win 95 support (compatible from windows 2000 SP4 - windows 7 rc)
Removed: compiler debug
Updated: emule default Libs, WMFSDK9
Updated: miniupnp from version 1.60 2008/02/21 to version 1.80 2009/04/17 http://miniupnp.free.fr/files/changelog.php?file=miniupnpc-1.3.tar.gz
Some libs and compile tweaks to reduce output filesize to 5,24 MB (5.499.904 bytes)
electro Mule could be Xtreme castrated of 1 MB less filesize weight as the elephant Mule.
Improved: removed open websites for updates // works without visit links
Improved: DynamicAntiLeech ProTection DLL: added some Chinese GPL/GNU Breaker Leecher MOds without SRC or fake dl links to src, removed GPL/GNU conform Mods with SRC such as Spee64's HardStyle XL,... and harmless mods like Wizzard's Flowerpower, mods without hardcoded comm (boost)

No changelog available to the mod
Work in proggress [WIP]

Download inkl. new language files, ipfilter.dat, flags: emule0.49c-Xtreme7.2 - custom updated.7z 6.62 MB | DDL

<< NO Leecher Features Added >>

emule-sse2.exe 5.24 MB


some changes:
Feature: manual remove single source in download list // In Ban Funktion, if DLP failed in some cases can't detect leechers!
Feature: manual Removing client from upload in known Clientlist // manual Stop Uploading to Single Client if state is uploading
Fixed: old ban code use in queuelist to make unban from queue possible
Fix: twice vista icon in Mule.ico removed, it's in Mule_Vista.ico get added by // ReplaceVistaIcon
Improved: Powershare Downloading Files (Partfiles)
New: emule.exe 5,23 MB (5.493.248 bytes)

????...unshare restrictions temp/incoming dir...???? // ShouldBeShared / MustBeShared / UnshareableFile ? ufffffff C#+ASMx++_:-> -.- <| ....ohhh~~~
detection if a file should be a shared file based on out shared directories/files preferences ?????


morph4u said...

MorphXT v11.3 morph4u privat edition

Update to v11.3


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