10 April 2009

eMule v0.49c VeryCD Build 090410 测试版 Full featured eMule - Not easymule reduced!

Homepage and Downloads

Update Log:
* 代码内核更新到0.49c * Code kernel update to 0.49c
* 优化网络连接算法处理,提高Lowid下载速度,加快Lowid源的分享数据能力 * Optimization algorithm to deal with network connectivity to improve download speeds Lowid to speed up the sharing of data sources Lowid capacity
* 优化Highid Callback处理,提高连接成功率,加快Highid下载速度 * Highid Callback processing to optimize and improve the success rate of connections to speed up download speeds Highid
* 更新DLP至v36.0 * DLP update to v36.0

安装包: Installation package:

绿色包: Green package:

源代码包: The source code package:
VS 2003

An earlier test version (installer) can be downloaded at: http://www.damipan.com/file/Gff1NA.html

It's Full Version of eMule with all features. Friend feature, IRC, IpFilter update...
This Version does not reduce by 1st start the max half open on XP to 9 connections.

Great upcoming VeryCD Mods Works excellent!

- No bug could be found
- 0.49c core feature drag n drop singel files into shared files window from desktop/hdd folders is not implemented yet.
- Inline/box Browse... folder Buttons in Options are not updated to 0.49c core yet.

<| NOT a Leecher Mod ! |>

Real core info of eMule v0.49c VeryCD Build 090410 is based on 0.48 core, there is no captcha by messages/pm. Any 0.49b and 0.49c core Version features could not be founded.


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