01 August 2009

Display/Zoom Original Image 1.3.4 like Lightbox on Websites | Firefox Extension

Display images in their original sizes and show the images metadata such as EXIF.

Like Lightbox script on Websites, Browser sites


This Extension/script displays green or red borders for re-sized images in the current page. When moving the mouse cursor over an image and holding the shift key, the image in the original size shown in the center of the window ("display mode"). The display mode is terminated by clicking on the image or the background. If the window size is smaller than the original image, the original image is resized to fit in the window, thus no scroll is needed.

The displayed image can also be zoomed in/out using the mouse wheel.

In the display mode by holding the shift key, the metadata of the displayed image is shown as a tooltip, including file size and geometries information and EXIF if available. The tooltip will be hidden if release the shift key. The metadata is retrieved from the IMG·2·JSON service.

Homepage/Changelog: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/47917
Crend King
Anthony Lieuallen
Adapted as Firefox Extension by: MoDs.sub.cc

Download/Install as Firefox addon: Display-Original-Image-1.3.4.xpi (7 KB)
Download/Install as Greasmonkey Userscript: 47917.user.js


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