27 August 2009

LimeWire PRO 5.3.0 Beta | LimeWire PRO 5.2.13 for Windows

LimeWire Pro does not have any toolbars such as ASK added to the windows installer and in Pro compiled Version are no search limitations. LimeWire Pro comes with a nice blue skin included.


5.3.0 (8.26.09) Beta
* BitTorrent updates:
o Retain seeding torrents on LimeWire restart
o Fix more BitTorrent library loading issues
o Upgraded to libtorrent version 0.14.5
* Torrent downloads are checked for dangerous files.
* Increase speed on a cold startup.
* Remove some unnecessary Singleton usage in UI.
* Change Guice environment from Production to Development to prevent @Singletons from being eagerly loaded.
* Obscene content filter.
* Don't allow spam results to be downloaded until they've been unmarked as spam.
* Keyword filters are applied to browses and XML metadata.
* Add the ability to rename a file.
* Add 'Keep me logged in to LimeWire Friends' with Facebook. Then when you start LimeWire, you are automatically logged into your Facebook account to use LimeWire Friends.
* Fix OS X launcher.
* Re-write chat so it isn't initialized on LimeWire startup.
* Fix receiving duplicate chat messages.
* Fix a bug that allowed friends to download more than 3 files at a time.

5.2.13 (7.31.09)
Update text when using the Friends feature with Facebook accounts.

5.2.12 (7.30.09)
Update dialog box text when using the Friends feature with Facebook accounts.

5.2.11 (7.30.09)
Internal build.

5.2.10 (7.28.09)
Remove chatting through Facebook accounts support.



LimeWire PRO 5.3.0 Beta:
LimeWireWin.exe 21.20 MB
File: LimeWireWin.exe
Size: 21,1 MB (22.228.784 bytes)
File Version: 5.3.0
CRC-32: 75df688e
MD4: 563aaa189de3e9a30ef49aaa0b29856b
MD5: 299cc700c03a31db036f0d6ef5713a7e
SHA-1: 09f51cbebbbf86dd2ddfd77e8f77f823b253d323

LimeWire PRO 5.2.13 Final:
LimeWireWin.exe 21.80 MB
File: LimeWireWin.exe
Size: 21,8 MB (22.862.224 bytes)
File Version: 5.2.13
CRC-32: d83435db
MD4: 3f47c7714151fee68561af0d164b2b75
MD5: 262678e5e59eb7b1b78f6331cd39fab0
SHA-1: 86aa65e22a25533ebd6decff4c49229258a2f677

Source code always latest Snapshot: limewire.zip (how to compile: )

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.pngTo verify original LimeWire, go file properties. A valid digital signature with date/time stamp signed from LimeWire must be in the file properties, if its not it's a fake!


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