13 August 2009

eMule P2P and Bittorent in Southeast Asia

One of the most worst things is the Internet in South East Asia. I don't talk about East Asia, China as I seen there by local ISP customers upload speed on emule signature stats with an upload speed of more than 1 mb/s. Back to the net in Countries like Thailand, Cambodia in focus of the word Inter which stand for International not only good for national net. It's frustrating to use p2p no matter which ISP. We signed ADSL contracts to all 3 ISP's, per line speeds from 2 mb/s up to 5 MB/s packages. The real download speed on daytime and weekends is something between 5 kb/s (speed to Germany 3.2 - 3.6 kb/s ~ compares to a 33.6 Kbps analogue modems back in the middle of the 90's) to average 270 kb/s after midnight hours up to early morning measured since August 2008. >4000 kb/s may be only possible using downloadmanager on http with 20 + particles at once on well known cached downloaded files.
ImageBanana - speedtestparis.jpg ImageBanana - speedtesteu.jpg
On ftp, most of the days ftp server shown time outs during up and downloads. Not to talk about the upload speed.
ImageBanana - overloadedcapacity.jpg ImageBanana - netspeed5mb.jpg
In year 2004 a 2MB/s down and 1 mb up ADSL line was faster with 1,6 - 2 mb/s down and 870 kb/s up speed on average to the International around the clock.

5 mb/s Speed ADSL Line of today are not enough to receive permanent (every day) Online Radio Streams from Europe, streamed in quality below 128 kb/s mp3 Audio or real audio.

Loading this site, not in browser cache, takes > 90 seconds up to 3 minutes in Firefox/Opera/IE/etc... some days errors shown up while loading following a time out. In use is a 5 mb/s ADSL line on Win OS/Linux systems! This makes me very upset not only that I can not listen to my favorite Radio Station which I use to listen since more than 10 years.

Besides this, the US Image Hoster have banned the whole country from uploading Screenshots since years.

I still mean a lot web optimizations have to be done, more lite weight, reduce page size and page load to a minimum
(reference to http://www.websiteoptimization.com/speed/tweak/css-sprites/, http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/articles/hosting/#configure, http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/smushit/index.html ).
Blocking useless ads/counter scripts to get the best out of it.
Using for downloads 7zip instead of rar/zip to get the smallest file sizes.

Entering this domain http://speedtest.net/ takes 48 seconds and more until it's finished loaded into the browser.

Gmail login ending by:

I don't talk about the national net speed, webhosting on national hosting prices starts by 3 times the price of a ISP ADSL customer internet line.


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