12 December 2011

eMule 0.50a MorphXT+ v12.6 by Franky Five

Traduzioni italiane delle Mod di eMule MorphXT Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick eMule 0.50a [MorphXT+ 12.6]


CHANGED: Original session zzRatio of 1:3 (UL:DL) increased to 1:7 to works fine
         with Italian standard aDSL connections - 1280:256 and 2048:256 [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Minimal upload limit to avoid the zzRatio limitation from 10KB/s to 20KB/s
         and average upload limit from 10KB/s to 15KB/s (now you need to give more
         than before :p ) [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Minimal upload limit to avoid download limitation from 10KB/s to 20KB/s
         (you need to give more than all other eMule clients) [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Many standard icons [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Some default options [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Modstring to avoid the ban of official MorphXT v6.3 - v7.2 - v.7.7 - v.8.0 or later [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 20Mb with steps of 256KB [FrankyFive]
ADDED: HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins) [FrankyFive]
ADDED: Auto configuration for Italian standard aDSL connections (on Wizard panel) [FrankyFive]

Homepage: http://frankyfive.altervista.org/morph+.html

BIN: http://frankyfive.interfree.it/morph+/emulev0.50a-MorphXT+v12.6-bin.zip
SRC: http://frankyfive.interfree.it/morph+/emulev0.50a-MorphXT+v12.6-src.zip



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