11 December 2011

ShadowMule 0.1

Complete Changelog:

ADDED: PrefsBanner [Xanatos]
ADDED: ScoreBoost for good QueueRanks [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Switchable ModString [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Manual Client Reask [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Accurate SpeedMeasure [Xanatos]
ADDED: Community Slot Settings [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Show CPU & MemUsage in TitleBar [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Option for Punishment for all DLP detected Leechers [Tr0nYx]
CHANGED: Links from AntiLeech to the Sharing-devils URL´s
ADDED: BandwidthControl [Pawcio/Xanatos]
ADDED: UploadbandwidthThrottler [Xanatos]
ADDED: DownloadBandwidthThrottler [Xanatos]
ADDED: AutoHL [Wizard]
ADDED: easy ModVersion [Wizard]
ADDED: added MOD_VERSION_BUILD number to Wizard´s easy ModVersion[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Uploadmanagment [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Uploadkick [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: AvgQR [Xman]
ADDED: Changed some Icons [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Random Modstring [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Resourcebars[Wizard]
ADDED: Sysinfo [Wizard]
ADDED: Show LowID´s[Xman]
ADDED: Client Percentage [Xman]
ADDED: Show Complete up/down in queuelist[Xman]
ADDED: Show RQR in Uploadlist & Queuelist[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Bugfixes from eMF Mod and Xtreme
ADDED: ModIconMapper [Wizard]
ADDED: IP2Country [Eastshare/Wizard]
ADDED: IP2Country File Origin [Wizard]
ADDED: IPFilter Update [Morph]
ADDED: ed2k updates [Wizard]
ADDED: ClientAnalyzer [Wizard]
ADDED: Tabbed Prefs [TPT]
CHANGED: Made Preferences a little bit wider [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Automatic Firewalled Retries [Wizard]
ADDED: BetterClientAttaching [Xanatos]
ADDED: Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2]
ADDED: QRETA [shadow2004]
ADDED: ShowQDifference [itsonlyme]
ADDED: Copy Clipstats [Wizard]
ADDED: FileFeedBack [Wizard]
ADDED: Prefer Community for SlotFocus [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: European Community [UmeK/Tr0nYx]

Changelog for Community:

ADDED: ExtraInfoPaket [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: CommunityClientList [Tr0nYx]
ADDED: CommClientCounter per File [Tr0nYx]


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