28 December 2011

eMule 0.50a ZZ-R 4.2



ZZ-R 4.2

compiled with Visual Studio 2010 Sp1

upgrade to ZZUL-TRA 2.6 code base

Clean install recommended !!!



Lo said...

I hope its with Countryblock?

morph4u said...

sorry, not in this version. v4.2 is only a "fast" upgrade to newest codebase.

PPPalomo said...

Muy amables, muchas gracias.

Lo said...

Please puth the Countryblock again in it.
Its very usefull, more than a other prog seperated.

Narayan1050 said...

Big thanks for this mod but the rotate time is not respected.

morph4u said...

change of rotation time need a restart of ZZ-R. hope this solve your problem. please report again. happy new year !!!

Narayan1050 said...

Oh ok after restart no problem. Happy new year !!!


Narayan1050 said...

Is it possible please to add the column "ShareFactor" in the "Shared Files"?

DarkSlayer said...

Morph4u, does ZZ-R 4.2 has the 1 : 3 ratio? My internet connection has a 1 : 12 ratio.
Also, with your MOD, would I be penalized by opening Friend Slots? Most of MODS penalize the user because of this, and it sucks.
It would be awesome if your MOD did not have this restriction.

I am using 4.2 and it is VERY GOOD.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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