18 December 2011

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.5 RC1

UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK/Tr0nYx)*
UPDATE : Enhanced Client Recognition (Spike2/WiZaRd)
ADD : Check already downloaded files (MoNKi)
ADD : Save Friendslots (WiZaRd)
ADD : Inform Clients after IP Change (Stulle)
ADD : Static Tray Icon (MorphXT)
ADD : Open Incoming from tray (taz)
IMPROVE : Do NOT alter DVD-Video files VOB,IFO,BUP, etc. (BlueSonicBoy)
IMPROVE : optimized unlimited Friendslots code (umeK)
IMPROVE : userhash initializing (Enig123)
IMPROVE : check userhash after initialized (Enig123)
IMPROVE : Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries (taz)
IMPROVE : optimized GetMaxConperFiveModifier (Xman)
IMPROVE : some credit related things (umeK)
IMPROVE : change/rework code from reask sources after ipchange feature (umeK)
IMPROVE : some mod relevant final cleanups (umeK)
IMPROVE : overworked sockethandling on Sources Management (umeK)
CHANGE : show current server in status bar (Tuxman)
CHANGE : replaced collection file slot with a more general small file slot (WiZaRd)
CHANGE : better mod defaults (umeK)
FIX : small issue on loading preferences (Enig123)
FIX : changed values of padding-length are not saved (umeK)
FIX : Friendllist icon state updating problem (umeK)
FIX : clear small issue on CommentDialog (umeK)
FIX : Gui freezes on some systems (umeK)
FIX : some problems on reaching hard/global limits on Sources Management (umeK)
FIX/REMOVE : some other things around the mod (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.2]:
FIX/IMPROVE : small things on slotratio handling code (umeK)
ADD : show community version on Networkinfodialog (umeK)
IMPROVE : small security optimizations (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.3.x]:
ADD : Show active/downloading Community clients per file (Tr0nYx)
ADD : Communityclientlist (Tr0nYx)
IMPROVE : some adaptions for Communityclientlistctrl (umeK)
CHANGE : Commversion system (umeK)
CHANGE : removed old communityCounter and use the Counter from CommunityClientList (umeK)
ADD : show QRDiff on Download status column (umeK)
IMPROVE : some changes on community boost feature (umeK)
IMPROVE : better display of down/up status column events (Tr0nyX/umeK)
CHANGED : Communityclientlist and Communitycheck handling on known clients (umeK)


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