31 March 2009

FlashGetMini Final Version Ads Free

Flashget Mini - a "just for downloading" excellent download software. Ultra-fast, ultra-small features allow you to experience the fun easy to download.

Official Changelog:

Version: FlashGetMini official version v1.3 (1046) 2008-10-23

Some Fixes in dll modules and program exe

Mini Express 1.3 Revision ( update log is as follows:
+ fixes an issue of the interface
+ optimizes the installation package size
+ modify other details

Version: FlashGetMini official version v1.3 (1045) 2008-10-15

Add: supporting detailed information window displays the function of mission.
Add: right through the menu to rename the name of mission functions.
Add: duplicate download tasks, suggesting that "re-download" or "View" function of the operation.
Fix: Repair under Vista can not drag files and link BT seed to the mini-window interface and suspended window download bug.
Fix: Repair press the boss key after auxiliary window is not closed bug.
Fix: Repair can not call Kaspersky antivirus 7.0 bug. Download mission is complete, call in Backgrounds Kaspersky antivirus scanning. Kaspersky scan to see the Record....and so on
Amend: modify the suspension onto the edge of the window and then restart the mini-train, then show the window when a suspension, suspended window sometimes invisible bug.
Amend: change the amended resolution, the suspension may be disappearing window bug.

Flashget-Mini Ver 1.3 (1045)


Original Source code was Installer extracted, content file by file edited ( , )

Ads Free Changes:

English Language File a little bit fixed ( Spell Errors may remain ).

- Removed All Ads/Call Homes/Stats etc.. -> see Details
- Changed Integrated Search to use Google Search
- Some Gui Fixes in FlashGetMini.exe
- Changed TCPIP.sys Patcher to a better one
- Remove Info.exe call from program flashgetmini.exe
- Antivirus suggestion to the direct International Link: http://www.freerav.com/
- C# v8 program exe, C#7.1 dll's compiled PE Files Clean up by the modificated files: FlashGetMini.exe, libStatistics.dll, core_stat.dll, P2PCore.dll, p2snetio.dll, btcore.dll

( no worries IDM - Internet Download Manager have much mor callhomes and is not freeware )

The BitTorrent Module from FlashGet-Mini

In FlashGet .exe/dll's are still remaining some old obsolete registry keys which get added into the windows registry by running flashget. ( Clean up will be done in a later Ads free Build )

Homepage: http://mini.flashget.com/index.php

Download Test Build 1 Ads Free (2.03 MiB): flashgetmini_v13_red_Ads_Free.7z | Mirror

run regsvr.bat to register the BHO Browser integration
to uninstall the Webbrowser integration run regsvr-u.bat

German Language File (Outdated needs to be updated)
Rename and overwrite Language-eng.xml with Language-deu.xml

Big Skin Pack Download Themes:


Themes/Skins (all-In-One): Skin Pack v1.3 for FlashGetMini.7z 754.85 KB

FlashGet-Mini is a beautiful fast Download Manager for http/ftp. The BT Core engine need some optimizations and more options such as max. connections at once, IPfilter.dat, protocol encrytion support. On BT, FlashGet run after a while only slight slower as utorrent. The Gui Detail Window can be set to the right or left site to show real time stats/info about the current jobs and downloaded jobs. The RAM memory consume by BitTorrent Downloads is very good with 30 - 45 MiB


FireFox Extension Addon English Translated for FlashGet-Mini

Works with all Fileshare hoster now such as Rapidshare, Mediafire,...
nfo: FlashGetMini extension 1.0.0 Crash Bug Fixed and Translated + Done compatible for latest Firefox 3.1 Beta

Install English FIXED: flashgetmini-1.1.0-en-fx-win.xpi - Download

For Firefox 2.0 - 3.2a compatible (max version = 3.6a1pre)
Install - Download

Install Chinese: Please use the Addon which is include

( Updated FireFoX Addon with 4 Languages in one coming soon )

run regsvr.bat to register the BHO Browser integration first!
Please reinstall/update the Addon. The Crash Bug for Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is fixed now!

Alternative use drag'n drop to flashget window by dl links instead.

Another FF Extension for FlashGet:
Special Link Decoder & Encoder 1.0
A tool for you to convert links between normal protocols (file, ftp, http, mms, rstp and https) and special protocols (thunder, flashget and qqdl). Homepage


Todo: add a option to import and remove the IE context menu with get Flashgetmini exe path on disk.

- Download with FlashGet
- Download All with FlashGet
- Download flv Video
- Add Flashget special file extionsions by url's

The Registry keys // remarks placed here :

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt]

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔØ] // Download with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\GetUrl.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:00000022

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔظÃÍøÒ³FLV] // Download FLV Video with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\FlashGetFlvdetector.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:00000001

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔØÈ«²¿Á´½Ó] // Download all with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\GetAllUrl.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:000000f3

ADD @="fb!"

ADD @="jc"

ADD @="jccfg"

ADD @="BitTorrent" // Optional

... a clean inno setup installer with this options will be done


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