26 March 2009

TuoTu 3.5.113 by Benbear

TuoTu 3.5.113

TuoTu 3.5.113

Rabbit (TuoTu) Download/Filesharing software Introduction:

HTTP, BT, Emule, Flashget all in one Multiprotocol Rabbit (TuoTu) is a filesharing Software which support all major protocols. It uses P2SP Hyper-Threading Technology. TuoTu support English and Chinese Gui Language which can be switched.

Supported HTTP, BT, Emule, Flashget resources such as cross-download protocol.
TuoTu v3.5.113

Key Features include:

Low resource occupancy: from rabbit (TuoTu) occupying less system resources while downloading and uploading. Download speed controllable and will not affect the use of other software.
- No plug-in bundles, no ads
- BitTorrent download Optimize network interconnection
- Built-in browser, support multi-tabbed browsing
- Supporting user sorted download priorities

TuoTu V3.5.113 update

* Adjust the interface to increase the website features many tags
* Update eMule module to 0.49b
* Update Express (Flashget) download engine
* Add UPnP is automatically set eMule UDP port function
* The amendment of certain controls exist table showing wrong order bug
* Fixed some URL after the deal with the problem of garbled

History: http://www.tuotu.com/379efe49-7cde-4e78-ad93-ab5f7ece423b.htm

Download: http://www.tuotu.com/Download/download.asp
Installer: http://www.tuotu.com/install/TuoTu_3.5.113.exe
Mirror: TuoTu_3.5.113.exe 4.25 MB
No Installer: TuoTu_3.5.113.rar 2.93 MB
Without Integration into Internet Explorer as stand alone: TuoTu_3.5.113.rar 2.89 MB

Country Flags extension copy to tuotu's directory.

All other settings such as set startpage, searchpage can be done in the .ini file for fine adjustment.


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