31 March 2009

iMule v1.3.5 the anonymous eMule | I2P 0.7.1

IMule is based on the I2P Anonymity Network which is a Router or Mixer-Network.
*I*Mule is the anonymous filesharing of *E*Mule, the worlds most famous filesharing software next to gnutella and torrent.
Download and Share Files without revealing your IP-Adress or our Identity. Safe and Secure, just Anonymous Filesharing. Based on the Anonymity Network I2P (Invisible Internet Project) Imule is protecting you while Downloading and Sharing Files.
Your IP-Adress is not shown to the requester or owner of the file.

Last version : 1.3.5

* bug corrected: 1kB/s upload limit removed

BBS + other os builds: http://forum.i2p2.de/viewforum.php?f=30

Download: http://www.imule.i2p.tin0.de/download.php

Download the compiled versions for Windows above, or download also the sources for compiling yourself on Linux. Try downloading by pasting the ed2k-link in IMule (or - if available - Emule). It should be more reliable (if not faster) than a http-download via i2p.

Download for Windows: http://www.imule.i2p.tin0.de/files/iMule-1.3.5.zip

Debian Package |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: bcce53b3a9b0a3f2b917055916b589b9|

Linux Nomad Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 4567c6700f3831870d4a26efd3cde5db|

Windows Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: b1d9b3cdc631993ce3b52254b7fdffdf|

Source-Code / Linux |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 690971a0e9186a615e24a3d63697d1dd|

Sourcecode: http://aceini.no-ip.info/imule/iMule-1.3.5-src.tbz

You can access the last sources via the SVN sources repository.

Latest I2P Anonymous Network Software:
Homepage: http://www.i2p2.de/
2009-03-29 - I2P 0.7.1 - Announcement - Download


Anonymous said...

Flashget 3.0 Final
Supposed ed2k link.


Someone can do a green package(no install)?

Anonymous said...

I tried to remove all ads and banner, but I failed.

Anonymous said...

Flashget Ver-Mini 1.3 (1045)


Last ads free is outdated:

Anonymous said...

here the new sbi leecher emule 0.49c witout passwort


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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