16 May 2009

eMule 0.49c DaRk MysteRy 1.0 by umeK | emule 0.49c OFF+ public

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eMule 0.49c DaRk MysteRy 1.0 by umek

News Source: http://web49.sv14.net-housting.de/2009/05/16/emule-049c-dark-mystery-10-by-umek/
ADDED: MysteRy-SplashScreen (umeK)
ADDED: MysteRy-SideBanner (umeK)
ADDED: ModVersion System (MaeLLa/changes by umeK)
ADDED: Random Modstring (umeK)
ADDED: Kick System (umeK)
ADDED: NickAddon-Thief (umeK)
ADDED: Fake eChanblard Community (umeK)
ADDED: Share Options [under Extended] (umeK)
ADDED: MysteRy-CreditSystem (umeK)
ADDED: MysteRy-Upload Management (umeK)
ADDED: eMulate other (Spike2/changes by umeK)
ADDED: ECR (Spike2)
ADDED: Larger Filebuffer (pP)
ADDED: better passive source finding (Xman)
ADDED: find best sources (Xman)
ADDED: DynamicBlockRequests (Netfinity)
ADDED: UDP-FNF Fix (Xman/WiZaRd)
ADDED: some Improvements on Listensocket (MaeLLa/Xman)
ADDED: ThreadSafe Fix (Xman/idea WiZ?)
ADDED: SLS (Xman/enkeyDev)
ADDED: Winsock2 support (eWombat)
ADDED: ClipStats (WiZ/changes by umeK)
ADDED: Auto Kad Firewall Recheck (?)
ADDED: Reconnect on Kad
ADDED: Total Up/Down [queue & uploadlist]
ADDED: Remote Queue Status [queue & uploadlist]
ADDED: some Optimizations, Fixes and Improvements (WiZaRd,Xman,MaeLLa,Netfinity etc..)
OPTIMIZED: Sources Management [Kad,Reasks,etc.] (umeK)
REMOVED: some Official Upload stuff… (umeK)
REMOVED: official Ratio (umeK)
REMOVED: Send Mail (umeK)
REMOVED: VersionsCheck (umeK)
REMOVED: Text to Speech (umeK)
REMOVED: Help (umeK)
CHANGED: Waitingqueue range (umeK)
CHANGED: Some Icons (umeK)
CHANGED: Some default options (umeK)
CHANGED: many other things around the source….
Download: http://www.seba14.kilu.de/.../eMule_0.49c_-_DaRk_MysteRy_1.0.rar (rar pass: seba14) | Mirror DDL1 - DDL2 (no rar pass)

emule 0.49c OFF+ public
No Sharelevels in this Version //???

Download: http://seba14.kilu.de/.../emule_0.49c_-_OFF_Public.rar (rar pass: seba14) | Mirror DDL (no rar pass)

News Source: http://web49.sv14.net-housting.de/2009/05/16/emule-off/


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