02 May 2009

File Format Identifier v1.4

Sucop virus analysis tool (File Format Identifier) v1.4

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It is an auxiliary tool for virus analysis, which includes various file format recognition engine code, sniffing packers, unpacking by virtual machine, editing PE file, rebuilding PE file, obtaining the import table(using virtual machine to decode the encode import table), dumping memory, processing the overlay, PE address conversion, supporting PEid plugins, computing MD5 and efficient use of third-party tools, and so on. It is also used for disposing the Trojan virus samples during virus analysis.

This software is free; you can download, install, copy and distribute it non commercially; For commercial sale, copy and distribute, you should get the warranty and permission of DSWLAB before (for example, if the anti-virus company want to use it to analysis the Trojan horse in batches, he must get mandate and permission of DSWLAB before).

v1.4 new features:
- add obtaining the import table function, for some encode import table, you can decode it by the virtual machine. (See section 9 following), welcome the contact us if you have more suggestions
- show more useful descriptions for the invalid pe file, thanks to Pedro Lopez for proposing it
- new skin to make more beautiful, you can switch skin style after hitting option button, thanks to fly (unpack.cn) for proposing it
- add the external signatures library which collected by fly (unpack.cn), thanks for the authorization
- correct several bugs

v1.3 new features:
- add a task view which supports three functions:
a. terminate the process
b. correct the image size of the module
c. dump the memory with three mode(Dump Full¡¢Dump Partial and Dump Region)

v1.2 new features:
- support PEid plugins
- add a feature for rebuilding PE

v1.1 new features:
- add VMUnpacker unpack engine for unpacking, the unpacking capacity is equal VMUnpacker v1.4
- add some external signatures from the internet
- add a feature for deleting overlay and saving overlay
- add PE Address Conversion(RAV < - > RAW)

First, Sniff Packers
Supporting file drag, directory drag, you can also install shell extensions to recognize file and directory. In order to recognize more packers, you can use the external signatures library (must named userdb.txt, the library format is as same as the PEid's external signatures library).

Note: A '*' will appear if this packers was sniffed by the external signatures.

Second, Unpack
You can unpack the packer if the "unpack" button can hit. The function based on the technology of virtual machine it could unpack various known & unknown packers. It is suitable for unpacking the protected Trojan horse in virus analysis and because all codes are run under the virtual machine so they will not take any danger to your system.

Third, PE Editor
Hit the button after "PE Section", you can edit the information of the sections.
The mainly functions are:
- Display section information
- Can modify section name, section size, section attributes and other related information
- Remove the selected section name
- Automatic fix of the section
- Load section from the disk
- Save section to disk
- Add a new section
- Delete section from PE file
- Delete section only from PE header
- Fill section with the specified char

Hit the SubSystem button can get the detailed PE information, you can editor them.

Fourth, Delete & Save Overlay
You can hit "Del Overlay" button to delete the overlay if the PE file has overlay, you also can hit "Save Overlay" button to save the overlay.

Fifth, Support PEid plugins
Hit Options button to set using PEid plugins, without restart FFI, the PEid plugins must be put the directory named plugins, and then Hit Plugin >>> to use PEid plugins.

sixth, ReBuild PE
This function is primarily used for repairing the PE file which was dumped from unpacking.

seventh, Support the third-party tools
Hit Manage Tools button after Hitting Options button, you can add / remove IDA / OllyDBG and other third-party tools to shell extensions, than you can activate the third-party tools in the FFI to open the target file directly.

Note: After add the third-party tools, you can hit Pulig>>> button to get their information, click them you can use the third-party to open the target file.

eighth, Dump the memory of the process
Hit TaskView button then you can terminate the process and dump the memory with three mode(Dump Full Dump Partial and Dump Region), and you can also correct the image size of the module.

ninth, Get Import table
After hitting the Get IAT button, getting the import table after choose the process, input the right OEP information before hitting DumpFixer button.
If any undistinguished API appears, you can set virtual machine decode steps, and decode this item by hitting VM Decode menu.
If there is any information which you do not want, hit Del Thunk menu or Cut Thunk menu to delete it.
If you want to get the import table for the non-main module of the process, please use right button in Manipulation records frame, and hitting Load this module menu, that is the module's import table obtained in this way.

Supercop Kill various kinds of Trojan horse completely, protect the security of system in an all-round way.
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Download Page: http://www.unnoo.com/html/soft/toolkit/2009/0126/37.html

Download: ffi.zip 1.25 MB

removes some false positive by a few keygens


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