03 May 2009

eMule v0.49c ZZ-R V2.0

eMule v0.49c [ZZ-R V2.0] by morph4u

is the most feature rich eMule mod on the planet.

ZZ-R have all what eMule users wish to have in a mod but also everything for releasers.
Custom Antileech Protection with option to ban Bad modstr and community name addons.

Great Mod! Check it out

Download: eMule0.49c-ZZ-R_V2.0.rar 4.90 MB

ed2k Link: ed2k://|file|eMule0.49c-ZZ-R_V2.0.rar|5137799|E2CAD25E7A095F46A5355D26B8127046|h=EDAB2FJO5DX3BQTRHLE5MO6OBFIBCA37|/


Anonymous said...

Hat Fehler....
CPU und RAM-Verbrauch enorm hoch.
CPU bis über 50%,RAM nach 30 Minuten schon bei 80.......

morph4u weiß,glaub ich,schon Bescheid..

morph4u said...

jo, bin schon auf fehlersuche ;-)

JKL said...

I bet WiZaRd's DaRKMaGiC has more features...

Anonymous said...

Unser tux ;-))
immer für'n Späßchen da...

Recon said...

DarkMagic is indeed very good, did read a lot about it. When will it be updated?



JKL said...

DarkMule has nothing to do with that. :)

Recon said...

What is now DarkMagic thought it's the same as DarkMule?

JKL said...

DarkMagic is WiZaRd's top-secret mod, developed for years now, but without a public release.. was part of the Nity community, the United community, the Gamers community, had Applejuice-like credits, supports BitTorrent... :) no "0 upload" btw

Recon said...

Thank you sounds good.
Everybody looking please for a test version of DaRKMaGiC Mod to share
very old version in archive

JKL said...

I really doubt WiZ' testers will share it ;)

Anonymous said...

is it possible to add to the http emule download feature ftp?

For example: upload a file to any ftp (some uni ftp's have anonymous upl. access), file stay there a week, a month. Then put the file as release incl. ftp source to emule net unless its shared enough.

sample 100 MiB test files:

ftp-ed2k link:

http-ed2k link:

Anonymous said...

Dachte ich gucke nicht richtig
alles mögliche irgendwie zusammen gemischt in V2.0 ... nein danke,
totales chaos

da bleibe ich lieber bei V1.9
oder bald auf einen neuen Ultimatic

Anonymous said...

DaRKMaGiC pic:


looks pretty cool

Recon said...

I want beta testing emagic v1 b3t4 too

morph4u said...

ZZ-R V2.1 beta


+ fixed downloadlimit
+ fixed/changed badguy icons in lists
- removed splash on exit

todo: cpu bug is not fixed at moment :-(

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