20 September 2009

Chrome portable build 26653 | Chromium build 26664 portable -dev

Google Chrome (Offizieller Build 26653)
WebKit 532.0
V8 1.3.11
Download 10,8 MB

Chromium (Developer Build 26664)
WebKit 532.0
Download 11,3 MB (include portable launcher script src)

Portable launcher made with AutoHotKey (AutoIt).
Switches and settings can be customized in PortableChromium.ini

Download comes with a selected collection of usefully UserScripts for Chrome in latest version.
No useless junk files added to the profile folder.
Chrome creates files such as Dictionaries, Safe Browsing Bloom etc... by self. There is not needed 18 - > 20 MB big compressed portable edition.
Same as by Iron - all questionable user privacy features are removed.
Does not exist in Portable chrome.dll dependencies to runtimes, registry upd, config files of the following:
Part of user experience metrics client id, timestamp, Error Reporting, RLZ-Tracking, Google Updater, all the rest depending on the configuration.

older builds | cool online custom portable build generator | Themes

Updated RSS Feature - user scripts for Chrome

updated rss feature user scripts (optimized for Chrom[e](ium)):
all rss feeds on a website:
google-reader-subscribe.user.js |
with blue rss icon + add little transparency background : google-reader-subscribe.user.js

Shows all detected rss feeds on mouse hover link too google reader per feed on the rss icon - left site top of the page.

single rss feed version:
chromeRSS.user.js | Mirror
shows only the first detected rss feed link to google reader - show feed icon on left site top. right site top is busy with AutoPagerize (endless page) and Popup blocker control feature button - no visual overlap :)

Copy to User Scripts folder. Use one rss userscript of your choice only)

System wide Adblockers / URL / ip blocker with filter rules:
- Outpost Firewall Pro integrated 'Ads blocking', ImproveNet
- Ad Muncher



other stuff
Google Chrome Frame for IE offline installer full (11,6 MB)
online installer integrates Google updater/chrome/bho/... (deep) into system. Once installed it's not more easy to uninstall it without leaving rests on system especially from online installer.
Um die anwendung komplett zu deinstallieren sind ausreichende system kenntnisse erforderlich. Manuelles Eingriffe in die registry wie auch manuelles entfernen von datei resten. Das kann auch kein Registry cleaner automatisieren.

nfo: http://code.google.com/intl/de-DE/chrome/chromeframe/
What's that?
Installs/combines Google latest Chrome dev with a BHO (\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome Frame\Application\\npchrome_tab.dll) for IE to run inside an IE Tab.

path to chrome comes with Google Chrome Frame:
\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome Frame\Application\chrome.exe

testurl: cf:http://acid3.acidtests.org/
You must use both the cf: and http: prefixes.

installer content +/-4

The user get Chrome Browser installed together with the small size IE plugin named npchrome_tab.dll without knowing it.
This is nothing new renering another browser in a tab see: IE Tab - Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox


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