30 September 2009

Yahoo! Messenger Beta Ad free - No Ads

New in Yahoo! Messenger Beta:

Improvements in the webcam detection logic:
- If you were able to use your webcam on 9.0 or other IM programs, but not on Yahoo! Messenger 10, this fix should take care of the issue.

Explanation for grayed-out video call button:
- If your video call button is grayed-out when you're IM'ing with a friend, it's because they're on an older version of Yahoo! Messenger. In order to receive your video call, they also need to upgrade to Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta. To help reduce confusion about this, we added an inline message explaining this.

Smoother handling of unanswered calls:
- When you make a call to a friend but they don't answer within 20 seconds, the call is automatically terminated. Previously there was no messaging about this, so we added one to let you know that your friend did not answer your call.

Better explanation for downgraded video calls:
- In the event your internet connection can no longer support the full video call (e.g. video + voice), the conversation gets downgraded to a voice-only call. When this happens, the video picture disappears. This is the correct behavior, but we added some inline messaging so you'll know when and why it's happening.

Release History @wikipedia:

Tiny and clean Design rewritten Gui without annoying rotating banner Advertising on Client side:
- removed client_ad urls + frames from gui sengihnampakgigi

Homepage: http://insider.msg.yahoo.com/ycontent/stats.php

Yahoo! Messenger Offline installer:



other Languages:
French: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/fr/ymsgr1000_542_fr.exe
Spain: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/es/ymsgr1000_542_es.exe
Italian: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/it/ymsgr1000_542_it.exe
Brazilian: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/br/ymsgr1000_542_br.exe
Vietnamese: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/vn/ymsgr1000_542_vn.exe
Indonesian: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/id/ymsgr1000_542_id.exe
India: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/in/ymsgr1000_542_in.exe
Thai: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/th/ymsgr1000_542_th.exe
Chinese Traditional tw: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/tw/ymsgr1000_542_tw.exe
Hong Kong: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/hk/ymsgr1000_542_hk.exe
Philippines: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/ph/ymsgr1000_542_ph.exe
Korean: http://download.yimg.com/ycs/msg/dl/msgr10/kr/ymsgr1000_542_kr.exe

more...: http://messenger.yahoo.com/winbeta

Ads removed program exe (works for all Languages):
YahooMessenger.7z 1.45 MB

Browser plugin (npYState.dll) + update remover:

Other Good Programs:

Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.4.0 from 30.09.2009

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Mac
Website: http://www.ymessengerblog.com/blog/2009/09/28/updated-mac-version-helps-with-sign-in-issues/

Latest Version Ad Banner Remover Plus Download


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