29 September 2009

LimeWire Pro 5.3.6 Final Windows and MAC

LimeWire Pro does not have any toolbars added to the windows installer. In Pro compiled Version, are no search limitations. LimeWire Pro comes with a nice blue skin included.

5.3.6 (9.30.09) - 30.09.2009
LimeWire Final

* Update translations.
* Fix a bug in which an out of date English name for the Galician language was displayed in the drop down menu.
* Fix splash screens (off by a pixel).
* Better handle errors when unable to get Windows startup menu location for launching LimeWire on system startup.

5.3.5 (9.28.09) - 28.09.2009
LimeWire Beta

* Fix a bug in which links from "Lists I'm Sharing" do not select the correct list when selected before the Library is opened the first time.
* Fix running LimeWire on start up for Windows 7, Vista and Internationalized versions.
* Fix a torrent St9exception and unsatisfied link exception.
* Fix an unsatisfied link exception with the OS X Dock.
* Get magnet links to work properly.

For more specifics, see Jira and Fisheye.

5.3.4 (9.16.09) - 16.09.2009
LimeWire Beta

* Fix an UnsatisfiedLink error for the Dock icon in Snow Leopard.
* Blocking IPs in the UI caused duplicate entries in the IP black list.
* General bug fixes.

See Jira and Fisheye for more specifics.


LimeWireWin.exe 21.36 MB

LimeWire Pro 5.3.6 for Windows:
LimeWireWin.exe 21.40 MB

LimeWire Pro 5.3.6 for MAC OSX:
LimeWire.dmg 11.21 MB

Source code - always latest Snapshot: limewire.zip
(how to compile:


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