09 March 2007

eMule 0.47c TazZ v3.3 ~mEg@L0~

base : 0.47c


- No upload activable //[gatchymule]
- Force upload for friend and community //[gatchymule]
- Upload Filter (dynamic) //[gatchymule]
- Credits inverses + Credits system mEg@L0 + New credit TazZ//[Dazzle] + [gatchymule]
- No share files completed //[gatchymule]
- Fake rank bad user!! //[gatchymule]
- Upload Start Sense //[gatchymule]
- Display QR, mod version... //[wizard]
- Upload Kick (2Mo) //[gatchymule]

- Reask Management(very agressive during the QS:13min): //[gatchymule]
Kad (dynamic)
Sources XS
- Drop management: //[gatchymule]
.all NNS, FullQueue, Max QR are dropped, and blocked since 30min or 1h
After timer the sources are injected in his file!!!
.the max QR is completly dynamic
- FasterEnd Game //[Dazzle]
- Auto adjust limit connexion //[gatchymule]
- Reask after Server change //[gatchymule]
- SLS manual & dynamic
- No ratio
- Display % client
- Display download in bold
- Display mod version and opthers

- QuickStart //[gatchymule]
- Serveur rotation //[gatchymule]
- Ban des spammer v1.3 //[gatchymule]
- System Anti-Leech //[gatchymule]
- RB3 Hack //[wizard]
- Kick et Ban manuel //[LSD]
- Drop & Reask download manual //[LSD]
- Remove server info //[NoxZ]
- Diff QR
- Display Client community, banned, faked, dropped //[gatchymule]
- Many changes in opcodes.h
- Random (modstring) with faker detection //[gatchymule]
- Fake some community //[gatchymule]
- Some Nick thief detected //[gatchymule]
- Some Mod thief detected //[gatchymule]
- Flush Thread //[SiRoB]
- Safe Hash //[SLUGFILLER]
- New Community system

emule 0.47c - TazZ 3.3.zip (2.24 MB) - (Mirror)
Seba's Version: eMule 0.47c - TazZ $3.3.rar (2.78 MB) - (Mirror)
dunno why seba's version is bigger in size, maybe a special ads splash screen is added :)


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