27 March 2007

Torrent Ratio 1.0

TorrentRatio allow to easy increase your ratio on BitTorrent trackers like filelist.org, torrentbytes.net and others.

It works with any BitTorrent client. How it works? Periodically, usually in 20-30 minutes, BitTorrent Client send request to tracker for asking more peers and report about your downloaded and uploaded statistics. TorrentRatio hooks into windows socks library and watch for match tracker report URL and change &uploaded= and &downloaded= fields.

It increase upload and decrease download. Doing in two ways when &uploaded=0 it try to increase number of download until max possible number without change length of number.
Example: 12345 can become 99999. Same do with &uploaded if <>0 and &downloaded=0, it change to lower possible number without change length of number.
Example: 12345 -> 10000 Second way when both values are <>0 it cut numbers from &.downloaded and add to &uploaded.
Example: &downloaded=12345&uploaded=12345 -> &downloaded=1234&uploaded=123455

How to use:
  • Enable TorrentRatio from Program->TorrentRatio shortcut
  • Start your BitTorrent client.
  • Download torrents.
  • To watch logs you can use DebugView .

Developer Homepage: http://www.esanu.name/programs/TorrentRatio.html

Download TorrentRatio:
TorrentRatioInst.exe (336.76 KB)


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