19 November 2010

eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.0 -LPE- Build 19.11.2010

eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.0 -LPE-


+ Network menu (connect/disconnect)
+ Changed auto shutdown menu (session)
+ Fixed possible crash on auto shutdown after downloadig files
+ Spread bars [Slugfiller/Stulle]
+ HideOS & SOTN [Slugfiller/Stulle]




Downloadfor SSE2 Compatible CPU's (modern CPU's)

Downloadwithout SSE (old CPU's before 2000)

Older Changelog :


+ Now also a no SSE version because SSE2 run not at all users


+ Changed setable Multi Server Connect to Dual Connect
+ Changed leecher icon
+ Changed client icons
+ Leecher greyed out
+ Upload clients color in clientlist
+ MinQR and SessionDownload now enabled with "show more controls"
- Removed leecher log
- Removed LOwID color
- Removed Xtreme II optionspage (if you need other settings for antileech system,you can do this in preferences.ini)
+ Moved Pro-Leecher setting to Options-Extended
- Removed UpPrio menu in downloadlist


+ Minor fixes and cleanings


+ Auto close timer to "main exit" dialog
+ Open incoming dir to Win7 thumbbuttons list [WiZaRd]
+ Changed colors, Partfiles, Downloading Files, Connected Server


+ Removed double line in friendlist menu
+ Fixed wrong line in preferences.ini (m_last_session_aborted_in_an_unnormal_way)


+ Some minor fixes around the update to newest codebase


based on eMule0.50a Lite [dolphinx]

+ Update to eMule0.50a Lite


from eMule 0.50a

+ The context menu in of the downloadlist allows now directly assign a file to a new category
(instead of having to create it separately first)
+ The "Unassign" category context menu entry is now only available if a file actually has a category


- Removed some code to solve a crash
- Removed ASFU (auto shared files updater)
- some codecleanings

and other little things I forgot and changed and fixed at last 3 weeks ;-)


+ Changed pause/lowid icons from yellow to orange
+ Fix - search related in downloadlist (was not greyed out)

some small codes from eMule v0.50a beta

+ Pause when preview possible (changed to save one click)
+ XMessageBox - Close eMule/Don't ask me again
+ Changes in some other files (ZIPFile, Packets, StringConversion, SearchResultsWnd, OtherFunctions,
Opcodes, ClosableTabCtrl, ...)


+ Changed parts of BandWidthControl (NAFC-Dynamic limit with ratio)
- Removed from verbose log useless "Log received file descriptions and ratings"


- Removed most of code from build 28.02.10 because to much trouble with other codeparts

...and also I think was to much for the lite way of -LPE-


+ Connected Server(s) bold [Xman]
+ Readded Upload Feedback
+ Version and Build in Info

Some codes from ScareAngel [Stulle]

+ See chunk that we hide [SiRoB]
+ Spread bars [Slugfiller/MorphXT]
+ HideOS & SOTN [Slugfiller/ MorphXT]
+ Anti Anti HideOS & SOTN [SiRoB]
- Removed Dynamic Hide OS [SlugFiller/Xman]


+ Minor fixes for oldstyle statistic window cause smaller borders
+ Some cleanings around the last update
- Removed HTML friendlink
- Removed Connection Wizard


Fixes from X-Mod

+ crash when merging ip2country (**Riso64Bit**, BG7BLV)
+ known client list download status column sort issue (**Riso64Bit**)

+ Changed: smaller border in Server a. Statistic window


Update to:

eMule0.49c X-Mod/Lite code [dolphinx]

+ added to package UPX (if you like the smaller exe size you can do it)




+ Some corrections in Pro-Leecher-System
because was possible to be detect from antileech


+ Faster reask times with enabled Pro-Leecher
+ Readded Edit button for IPFilter
+ Fixed manual ban
+ Resorted some menus
+ Cleanings
- Removed ReadOnly from File Menu

...and other fine tuning / changes i forgot


Hot Hotfix ;-)

+ Fixed Quickstart Log entry


Hotfix !

+ Fixed bug in quickstart



because the changes in preferences.ini can make trouble


+ Resorted/cleaned Prefs (Preferences.ini)
+ Readded Quickstart



+ Update-Buttons for server.met and nodes.dat in Server/KAD windpw
(you can change the default URL in preferences.ini -> UpdateURLServerMet/UpdateURLNodesDat)
+ Sharedfilelist - changed Part files color
+ Serverlist - changed connected server(s) color


+ Active Kick to Pro-Leecher-System
(kick automaticly if cients in upload are not in balance with UpMana)
+ Draw date and time in Log with default color
+ Readded Invisible Mode
+ Codecleanings (removed some doubled entries in recource files, and others)
+ Fixed IPFilter Update (added missing code and changed default URL)
+ Fixed Proxy Optionspage


+ Auto Ban for not allowed requests of your shared files list/directory
(Because the many RIAA (or whatever) requests are nerving)
+ Community Nick Addon Faker added to Pro-Leecher
+ Updated/cleaned Community Addon List to newest (thx umek)
+ Little fix about Show share visibility icon


Last but not least, some changes for better look ;-)

+ Info about Multi ServerConnect/RotationTime/DisconnectTime settings in Server Window
+ Now change green friend color to blue if you set friendslot
+ New Friend icons in friendlist
+ Some cleanings
- Removed ugly official friend icon (green color is enough)
- Removed ugly official friendslot overlay icon (blue color is enough)
- Removed client icons for aMule,edonkeyhybrid,mldonkey,shareaza,lphant (marked with green cross now)


+ Global Hardlimit
+ Changed: FakeRank better integrated to anti-leecher system (hardcoded)
+ Readded: Copy Upload Feedback (if Show more controls (advanced mode controls) is enabled)


+ Readded Color Settings in Cat dialog
+ A4AF counter, ahead of user nickname
+ Changed warning-icon to info-icon in "show requested files" popup
+ Readded some icons

Known Bug:

Crash if "Show shareable files" in sharedfiles window is enabled
and you cancel a downloading file that is same time in upload


A fast update because I missed this features :-)

+ Added Auto IPFilter update (options-security)
+ Readded friendlink


+ Added ASFU (Auto Shared Files Updater) -experimental-
(you can disable in options-extended)
+ Changed color for downloading files
You can set your own color (RGB) in prefernces.ini (default 0,128,192)
search: DownColorR, DownColorG, DownColorB (e.g. old default red= R: 192 G: 0 B: 0)
+ Readded "Show session download"
+ Readded AvgQR column
+ Fixed debug error in Downloadlist about file status icons
+ Fixed debug error in Transferwindow about removed up/down buttons


+ Auto Server Disconnect (time setable in options-extended)
(now you can use at begining first e.g. 10min server and KAD together
to have fast more sources, and than automaticly server(s) disconnect to be only KAD)
+ Fixed Server Rotation (work now only if server is connected. must not be disabled
if you use KAD only)


+ Show CatTabs optional (enable/disable in View Menu /default disbaled)
+ Overlay Icon if client is share visibility
+ Changed Icons for Up/Downloadlist


+ Added missing code in Downloaded History for ShareFaktor
if advanced auto-uploadpriority is enabled
+ Added check for Clear/Remove from Downloaded History, to prevent a crash
if 'Show shareable files' in Shared Files Window is enabled
+ Changed icons for file/connection/up/down status


+ New smooth Icons
+ Fixed filestatus icon, error icon was shown on file hashing


+ Now all standard eMule language dll's can be used
+ Added forgotten error warning icon for show filestatus icons
+ Some Icons changed


+ Show File Status Icons

(24.12.09) Hotfix

+ Fixed a possible crash if you unshare a file


+ Changed UpMana UL>DL
(client get upload until chunk is ready. no strict kick,
after UL>DL limit is in balance, he can come back to upload)
+ Some more code cleanings
- Removed Permissions
- Removed Show Session Download
- Removed Select all in Menu

!!!!! Whish all a merry christmas and happy new year !!!!!


+ Changed Connection Icon
- Removed Active Kick for Permissions for the moment,
to solve the known crashes

...hope now is completely crashfree ;)


+ Readded some parts of httpdownload
make possible to add nodes.dat/server.met from websites
+ Changes in clientdetail
- Removed "Update server list when connecting to a server"
- Removed "Update server list when a client connects"
- Removed Scheduler again


+ Added "Lite" Preview for video files from downloadlist
+ Readded Connection Wizard
+ Readded Splash


+ Added -LPE- Credit System for better work together with UpMana
(thx umek for pointing out)
- Removed Inverse Credit System
+ Fixed Draw filled graphs
+ Some cleanings in "old style" statistics graph code


+ Fixed Inverse Credit System (added some missing parts)
+ Inverse CS - PowerRelease and Friends(if boost enabled) will always be uploaded first
+ Readded AvgQr


+ Max. QueueRank setable for UpMana
+ Strict limit Max. UL>DL setable for UpMana
+ Kick if is strict limit UL>DL from upload
+ Inverse Credit System
+ Some changes in optionspages

thx to umek, sarutobi, B4n$h33, pP, for help with some codeparts ;-)


+ Download Status in Uploadlist
+ Lite ClipStat
+ Codecleanings


+ -LPE- UpMana (Friends/PowerRelease excluded) [umek]

A powerful upload management made by umek for -LPE-
Send FakeRank to filtered clients if it is a advantage and UpMana is enabled.
Send FakeRank to leechers is seperate setable and very useful to get
download from Clients that use a UploadManagement.


Update to Lite codebase

+ IP2Country (if you like, copy IP2Country files to your config)
+ Readded Scheduler
- Removed Copy Clip-Stats
- Removed Copy Upload Feedback
- Removed Push rare files
- Removed Only Up to eMule/aMule
- Removed SysInfo

Some other little changes


+ Some little fixes
- Removed Whois IP-Lookup
+ Added Client IP to Clientdetail Window


+ Readded lost "Show active downloads bold"
+ Changed back LowID color to software column only


+ Update -LPE- to newest eMule0.49c-Lite codebase

--> THX @ dolphinx for the great update to Lite <-- ================================================================= (19.10.09) + Multi Server Connect [thx sarutobi] (switchable in serverlist rightklickmenu) + To how many Server you connect setable in Preferences->Extended
+ Server Rotation Time setable in Preferences->Extended


+ Fixed List Icons


+ Push Rare Files
+ Changed ECR/Emulate - OLD_MLDONKEY/MLONKEY (taz)
- Removed two Up/Down Buttons at Transferwindow (one Button is enough)


+ Added Transferred, Requests, Accepts, Sharefactor column to downloaded history
- Removed Multi Creditsystem (now again Xman Credit)
- Removed Invisible Mode
- Removed Quickstart


+ Fixed RAM display (MB not show cause label was to small)
+ Fix collection double extension (CiccioBastardo)
+ Fix for "exit" command (leuk_he)
+ Kad Message bounce protection (netfinity)
+ IP Filter Hits added to Clip-Stat

(19.09.09) HOTFIX

+ Changed SysInfo Code


+ Show CPU/RAM usage (switchable)
+ Code readded I removed to much in HistoryList (selected file was not marked)
+ Codechange for show correct frame in HistoryList


+ ShowGridlines now without restart
+ Some minor fixes

Now only UPX'ed version!
If you like to unpack use UPX 3.0.3


+ Now complete updated to X-Mod code
(Forgot to update some code in last build)

+ SessionDownload [X-Ray]
(Show in Downloadlist in Transferred column MB/session
and in Progress column percent/session)



Fixed Uploadprio in Downloadlist (my mistake)


- Removed: Integerated antileech.dll
+ Changed: Emulate-Others hardcoded (Log now in VerboseLog)
+ Changed: Switch for Friendboost (now in Friendlist)
+ Changed: Default Nick to official Xtreme

...merge with X-Mod
Fixed: bug in Source Save
Removed: chunck choose method menu & Order chunck choose method
Changed: refuseUpload implementation
Fixed: a minor fix in CompareDirectories
Added: random Port On Startup
Added: support NTFS filesystem features
Removed: _PfnLoadUnicows

...code from X-Ray 1.7:
No Need to Refresh a stopped File
Bugfix :: bscabral
Obfuscation-Bugfix :: WiZaRd
Bugfix :: WiZaRd cmdline

...compiled with VS2008:
zlib 1.2.3
Crypto++ 5.6.1 SVN 476 (lite)
miniupnp 1.90 07/08/2009


+ Readded FunnyNick
+ Upload status (Transferring) in clientlist red
+ Filesize in Uploadlist
+ Changed some menu entries to show only with "show more controls"
+ Added Creditsystem to Clip-Stat
+ Show MinQR in downloadlist
+ Modified antileech.dll v39
- Removed antileech reload button again from optionspage
(antileech.dll is load after restart)


+ Fixed Blue colored Friendslot (now in all lists)
+ Readded Reload Button for antileech.dll
(Modified antileech.dll v37 is integreated. No seperate .dll needed.
For update copy newest .dll to emule folder and restart or click reload button)

+ Modified antileech.dll v38

Removed from official:
ZZULtra,Aurora,Alias,Ulti F,ChímÊrÂ,ÇhïmerÀ,R-Mod,TCMod,UltiMatiX,StulleMule Plus,
Magic Angelyzer,Hardstyle,TR-P2P-MoD,Ultimativ,Ultimate,TCMatic 3

Hope i forgot not to many ;-)


+ Fixed Search Tabs close
+ Auto Friendslot
+ Remove all Friendslots
+ Friendslot blue
- Removed Friendslot Overlay Icon
- Removed again Options Icons to get smaller


- More control and information in clientlist -

+ File column in Clientlist
+ PowerRelease color in Clientlist
+ Score column in clientlist (clients on queue)
+ Changed "Kick" in Clientlist
(now you can kick waiting and uploading clients from Clientlist)
+ Some code cleanings


+ Fixed Bug in Upload Prio + Advanced Auto Up-Prio
(because Up-Prio in Downloadlist work not correct and make wrong settings)

...I wonder that this never was reported :-) But now all ok!

(27.08.09 Hotfix)

+ Added in config folder forgotten Fileformat.csv (needed for FileVerify)
+ Changed code for Show GridLines
(now only one codeline, instead code in all lists)
- Removed Nick Addon Faker
(its only a minimal advantage to use but a high performance killer)


+ Compiled with optimized settings [exe size only 2,74 MB (2.875.392 Bytes)]
+ Show GridLines (in View Menu)
+ Changed switch for "Show List Icons"(now in View menu)
+ Switch for ReadOnly Preferences (in File Menu)
+ Some fixes in PPgConnection, Filedetaildialog and others
- Removed UpMana (because its realy not needed in this Mod)

...also available UPX'ed .exe with only 947 KB (970.240 Bytes)


+ Added new Modname -LPE- for Lite Privat Edition
+ Switch for disable list icons [Antares]
+ Changed Client-Percentage in Downloadclients
+ Whois
(we have no Ip2Country, with Whois we can easy check where a client come from)
+ Show Session Runtime on Title (Show Rates on Title must be enabled)
(to disable set: preferences.ini->ShowRuntimeOnTitle=0)
- Removed accepting only Upload clients who asked within last 30min [Mephisto/Stulle]
(to enable again set: preferences.ini->DisableUlThreshold=1)

So, think this is my "Final" release after the many builds in short time ;-)
I hope it comes soon a new lighter Lite build with many new ideas.

Have fun !!!

Known bugs:
If you "Cancel" a file in Downloadlist sometimes crash.
If you "Delete from Disk" in Sharedfileslist sometimes crash.

Try to make exe smaller and smaller... :-)


< Some changes from Xtreme-SE >

+ Changed Slotspeed
+ Changed Minimum upload slots to 1
+ Changed Slotspeed range 1.5 kb/s <=> upload limit
+ Changed Bantime to 24h
+ Added Show paused files in grey

- Removed Failed download ban
- Removed Global DeadSourceList
- Removed Filter clients caused an error
- Removed Max Slots (now you can set with Slotspeed)
- Removed Increase Slotspeed


+ Kick All
+ Switch for active downloads in bold
+ Switch for Download in red
+ Fixed Tooltip for Toolbarbuttons
+ Push to Upload in Downloadclients
+ Readded "Try to Download preview chunks first"
(you can open partfiles in VLC player)
+ Other little changes


+ Clip-Stats


+ Oldstyle Statistic (changed TK4 code)
+ Readded Optionspage Icons


+ Some fixes and cleanings...


+ Fixed a bug in build 05.08.09


+ Lite'r Optionspages
+ Some cleanings to get lite'r


+ Push to Upload (only if on WaitingQueue and not LowID)
+ ReAsk Server manual
+ Reask KAD manual
+ Readded 64bit Codeparts

Please make a cleaninstall !!!


+ Better Fakerank (thx umek)
+ Increase Slotspeed (ScarAngel/Stulle)
+ Some cleanings
+ Changed Creditsystem (now only Offi / Lovelace / Xman)
+ Moved Statistic settings to Options->Display
- Removed Statistic Optionspage
- Removed Friendlink


+ Disconnect Server in Serverlist Menu
+ Server Rotation in Serverlist Menu (Default 20 min.)
time can be changed in preferences.ini->RotationTime
+ Moved Proxy settings to Options->Server
+ Fixed little parts i forgot
- Removed Proxy Optionspage and Icon


+ Max Upload Slots
+ Fixed Sort in Downloadlist


+ Active Show Permissions
+ Permission Colors
+ Select All in Menu
+ Upload Prio in Downloadlist
+ Permission in Downloadlist
+ Fixed "Open File" (now work from Menu and doubleclick)

Known Bug:

Crash if you try to unshare a (incoming folder)file,
that is at same time in your upload.


Try to fix some more bugs from Lite


+ Changed Prefs for Shutdown (Options-General)
+ Save Friendslot
+ Some Languages readded:cz,de,es,fr,it,pl,tr,zhcn,zhtw
+ Checkbox for Restore Last Main Window
+ Friends in Green
- Removed ServerInfo Log


+ Maybe fixed Buffer Bug that freeze Mod...(i hope ;-)
+ Some Credit Systems
+ Changed "Only upload to eMUle" to "eMUle/aMule"
+ Fixed "Rebind UPnP on IP change" was not saved
+ UL-Feedback
+ Some Codecleanings
- Removed some Ratio/GlobalHL Code
- Removed "Try to Download preview chunks first"
(for what if no Preview code is in ;)
- Removed Wizard


+ Fixed Nick Addon Faker (was detect by "suspect hello")
+ Manual Reask Client


+ Up-Management
+ Send FakeRank
+ Friend Boost
+ Nick Addon Faker
+ Emulate Others
+ Only Up to eMule
+ Readded Xtreme ModID
+ Shutdown after Download
- Removed 64BitTime


+ Knownfiles in Incoming unshareable
+ Faster KAD source finding
+ Downloads in red
+ Kick
+ Ban
+ PowerRelease for Partfiles
+ Partfiles in blue
+ Some Codecleanings
- Removed Scheduler
- Removed some restrictions

+ Changed/removed others i forgot... ;-)

based on eMule0.49c-Lite: http://emulex.sourceforge.net/?en-us


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