29 November 2010

LuckyWire LimeWire PRO Clone Alternative

You miss LimeWire? A lot of us do. Maybe you already heard about LimeWire's twin brother, who everybody thought died in a plane crash in the Amazonian jungle, but suddenly appeared among us, and just in time to continue his jailed brother's legacy. His name is LimeWire Pirate, but the evil men who hunted down his brother, went after him too. Don't worry though, the story doesn't end here! What you hadn't known is that LimeWire had an illegitimate son, called LuckyWire. And he is growing up to be just as talented in P2P sharing as his father. Pay him a visit here, if you would like to get to know him.

Luckywire is based off the new limewire 5. Luckywire is powered by turbocharged download speeds. It also has features like: Turbocharged download speeds, built-in virus checker, BitTorrent support, iTunes integration, Sharing files privately with friends (Facebook, Gmail integration), extra connection sources, optimized search results, and much more.

What it is that you should know about LuckyWire?


*The fastest P2P Program.
*No spyware, adware, bundled software
*Share files with friends
*Download from multiple hosts
*Turbocharged connections
*Connections to more sources
*Faster than LimeWire!
*100% Free Download
*Coming soon: burn music to CD

Homepage: http://luckywire.com


Downloads and Mirrors:

New Version LuckyWire
Downloadluckywirewin.exe 43.77 MB

old Version 1.0.0
DownloadLuckyWire- 16.32 MB

DDL1 | DDL2 | DDL3


McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

Other Alternatives:

MP3 Rocket also looks a lot like LimeWire and works the same way, so it's another good option. It's a lot like FrostWire, too, though MP3 Rocket does offer you a pro version and screens will pop up from time to time asking you to upgrade.

During install, MP3 Rocket offers the Ask toolbar -- make sure to uncheck all the boxes if you don't want it. You'll also be asked for your email address, but you don't have to provide it -- just click next to skip ahead.




Newer Free:

PRO Version: ???

Latest Beta:


other LimeWire Clones (mostly with Adware)

all LimeWire Forks on the same server / Same company.

It's funny but these clones are all from the same person same programmer/webmaster made.
You see in all sites (clones based on LW 4) mostly have the same Google Ads Nr: pub-5974397314053097.
All sites have Analysis Account almost UA-3557919-xx.
While newer Sites (LimeZilla, Sharest,..(base LW 5)) are written in Joomla! 1.5 CMS and using the same Ads account: pub-5532080627531961, and Google Analysis Tracker UA-3762514-x.

All sites are on the same Webhosting.

We think this clones only differs from program names and gui design. Older Software based on LW 4, newer on LW 5.

Advertising revenue seems to be the first focus of the following clones.

- DexterWire
- LemonWire
- MP3 Torpedo
- LimeSharePro
- GnutellaWire
- ShareWire
- ShareGhost
- LimeWire Turbo
- TurboWire
- Sharest
- LimeZilla


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