14 November 2010

LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 hacked

LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 hacked by File_Girl71!


- This release of LW Pirate Edition is for Windows OS!
- Have turbo charged connection, but it is no Pro release!
- Removed the ugly splash screen to LW Pirate Edition... It has a nice one now!
- Removed AVG Antivirus (Useless pail of Crap!).
- Changed some resource files because of the removal of AVG Antivirus.
- Removed some not needed files like SOURCE, COPY and Flash Player Plugin.
- Repacked the installer so it is a light weight one now!
- Java is separated from the installer, so it will not download a corrupt Java!

Thanks to the MetaPirat and the Team for this LimeWire!

Homepage/BBS: http://www.gnutellaforums.com/getting-started-using-limewire/97321-limewire-pirate-edition.html

DownloadLimeWireWin-5.6.2.exe (18.87 MB)

LimeWire Connection Fix Januar 2012 (Required)

Instructions and Info:


ChoBA said...

is this fuckin real?

Anonymous said...

what happened? cannot launch anymore

Lukequilligan said...

this is fucking shit

Limewire said...

what the fuck is this shit

LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 said...

This is totally bullshit.

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