10 November 2010

µTorrent 2.2 Final (build 23056)


-- 2010-11-09: Version 2.2 (build 23056)
- Fix: search box flickers when it should be hidden

-- 2010-11-08: Version 2.2 RC6 (build 23018)
- Change: disable (buggy) PMTUD
- Fix: fixed exploit with open containing folder

-- 2010-11-04: Version 2.2 RC5 (build 22982)
- Fix: on XP the sidebar thought it was wider than it was in certain cases
- Change: undo UTF-8 change for App names

-- 2010-11-04: Version 2.2 RC4 (build 22966)
- Fix: handle single file torrents better when manually typing a path on the add torrent dialog
- Change: Use UTF-8 for App names

-- 2010-11-03: Version 2.2 RC3 (build 22942)
- Fix: autoupdating fails sometimes
- Fix: reduce the amount of erroneous hang reports
- Change: always show persistent labels in sidebar
- Fix: in install of first app the apps node was not expanded (win7)
- Change: stop downloading icon now a stop sign
- Fix: reduce occurence of gui hangs when updating systray
- Change: Set download location now changes the torrent directory name on a multifile torrent.
- Change: switch from find pane to download pane when a torrent is added
- Change: revert new choker to old one, restore upload slot settings

-- 2010-10-22: Version 2.2 RC2 (build 22732)
- Fix: try to improve new upload choker
- Fix: run command wouldn't trigger on downloading->finished state change
- Fix: tell explorer to reload app icon on client update

-- 2010-10-18: Version 2.2 RC1 (build 22626)
- Change: allow more room for upload/download rates in status bar

Homepage: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=86666

Download: http://download.utorrent.com/2.2/utorrent.exe


- Remove Promos and offers
- Remove Ask Toolbar install + Dialog
- Remove Stats and embedded torrents: http://ll.download3.utorrent.com/Four.Eyed.Monsters.HQ.x264-VODO.torrent
- Add DHT Patch

Made with HxD

Downloadutorrent.exe 878.87 KB

Upx packed (same original): utorrent-upx.exe 385.37 KB


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