25 November 2010

Get Dropbox Free online storage 3.25 GB include 1GB extra space

1. Sign up using this referral link then you get 250 mb more space from beginning and install Dropbox: http://www.dropbox.com/downloading. After this step you have 2.25 GB space

Ger Dropbox Free 2.25 GB online storage for Backup, Sync and Share.
Ger Dropbox Free 2.25 GB online storage for Backup, Sync and Share

Get extra space free!

2. Complete some simple tasks and instantly boost your Dropbox space!


- Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox
- Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox
- Follow @Dropbox on Twitter
- Tell us why you love Dropbox
- Like Dropbox? Tell your friends on Facebook
- Tweet about Dropbox for more free space!

3. And extra 256 MB by completing: https://www.dropbox.com/gs

Complete these quests and become a Dropbox guru!

1. Take the Dropbox tour
2. Install Dropbox on your computer
3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues
6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox

voila 3.25 GB free space


Anonymous said...

great, there are some more tips to get even more free space here:


Marlon said...

You can also use Amazon Cloud Drive storage to save and retrieve your files online. Amazon S3 is giving free 5GB online storage.

Kulliop10 said...

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://db.tt/xtZkf4fl

Kulliop10 said...


with this link you get instantly 3GB, plus you can follow the guide to get 4 or 5 gigabyte.

document scanning services said...

Thank you for sharing this idea, I've been wanting to know more about storage. 

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