04 October 2007

eMule 0.48a ZZUL BastarD v1.9.1


Version 1.9.1
Based on ZZUL 0.48a code by zz

* ADD: BestShare payback.
* ADD: conditional compilation
* ADD: Green back color for collections in SharedList
* ADD: 4-way sorting for rating/U-D in client queue & upload queue
* ADD: sorting on upload conditions column is now possible
* ADD: shortcut [CTRL]+[F] to immediately assign a Friend Slot
* REM: PushSmallFile option for collections
* CNG: Old PowerRelease is now called SuperRelease and the priority given to a file is dynmic depending on the shared ratio value.
Quick description:
- priority is set at max (100) when share ratio < 2
- at each share ratio unit increase file upload priority is decreased of 10 (so at 2 it becomes 90, at 3 is 80... at 9 is 20 and at 10 is 10)
- minimum priority for SuperRelease file is however 10 whatever the share ratio
* CNG: NiceHash parameters tuned a little bit (at higher load the CPU is now used a bit more)
* FIX: friend slot assignment & interface update
* FIX: friend note was broken in 1.9.0 (sorry)
* FIX: server removal when max number of retries is set to 0.
Now with that setting no server is going to be removed from server list even though the connection fail lots of times
* FIX: upload client available chunk in upload list
* New shortcuts to easily set file upload priority in SharedFiles list:
- [CTRL]+# where # is from 0 to 9 immediately sets the priority to that value (0 means priority = 10)
- [CTRL]+[+] increases priority
- [CTRL]-[-] decreases priority
- [CTRL]+[] sets SuperRelease

Version 1.9.0
Based on ZZUL 0.48a code by zz
* Same as 1.8.3 functionality but with 0.48a core
* Mostly bug fix

Téléchargement ed2k:
Executable (ed2k) Source (ed2k)
Download Binaries & Sources @eMuleFuture


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