01 October 2007

Xunlei Thunder Ads Free DDR 10.1 Edition (version installation / green version)

Thunder advertisement free EdiTion DDR 10.1 Mod (Install version / green version)

Download (installed version):
Download (green version):

This updated version of the DDR 10.1:
1. The Thunder the establishment of a new task Download" dialog has been added, Information column, the corresponding increase in the DDR version of the shield of information resources column; option, and the default is checked.
2. Increased closed "community interaction bottom column," and "community interaction list column, two options.
3. The new boss function keys can be user-defined hotkey, and joined the optional "Boss Time silent mode, which is, if you allow the opening of the boss Thunderbolt hidden keys and when completed, will not download Thunderbolt players completed tone, is that BEEP ...
4. Improved installation procedure, covering installation, and other issues.
5. Among the procedures that path led to a space repair Right failure bug.

The Thunder the establishment of a new task Download; dialog has been added, "Information column, the corresponding increase in the DDR version of the shield of information resources column; option, and the default is checked.

Thunder DDR version of the use of green notes: green version before use directory please click on the greening. Bat. Otherwise, the right-repair function may not work. Former click delete "unloading. Bat

DDR Thunder center set up specific command line usage:

Registration information:
DDR Thunder set up centers.exe -install

Unloading registration:
DDRThunder set up centers.exe -uninstall

Thunder DDR version on the other:

Thunderbolt DDR version remove all advertising. Add "DDR Thunderbolt center set up" expansion program can customize to load the module can have closure popular choice recommended closure of the search, security, interactive communities. At the same time set up centers also provide ie right Thunderbolt menu item repair, repair the command line mode, the boss button, the convenience of the users.
Support FlashGet, QQ whirlwind, Thunderbolt dedicated Web links, and special chain simulation module careful coding and testing. Left-click on direct support declassified download, or can also be encrypted copy the link to download Thunderbolt new mandate box. Crack download several threads 10-50, resolve several tasks downloaded from 20 to 100, the largest crack a few threads from 60 to 120

Official Update:
Thunderbolt (2007.09.27)
* Download the complete failure reminder function
* Optimization of the new panel layout and function
* The biggest change to the maximum number of tasks 20
* Reduced resources in the process of downloading and occupied disk read and write
* Reduce the process of downloading the use of network
* That could lead to a number of new pop-up panel BUG

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by DDrMsdos
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Older Version

I am using Xunlei English Translation
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English FAQ and Translation: http://blog.scuforum.net/2007/06/07/xunlei-translation-pack-v20a/


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There's a latest No-Ad Version at my blog.

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