05 October 2007

Thunder advertisement free DDR 10.6 Version (install version) by DDRMSDOS

DDR 10.6 updated version:

1. Thunder resolved in the whole election blog can not download radio or download problems.
2. Solved in the use of DDR Thunder, some websites suggested that the mistake is not installed Thunder.
3. DDR Thunder set up centers with additional components of the Thunder registration and delete the registry repair functions.
4. installation package small changes, and update installation package icon.

Log and Remarks (07.10.4)
1. The update of the biggest changes is that the DDR version of Thunder's blog website files, some of which is wrong for the link has now been fixed. If you are still using the previous version, please upgrade. Now LinkSimulate.exe from the previous version upgrade to the current version.

2. Part of Thunder's music station can not be downloaded. The music problem is cause I forget some of the components to register. This is now completed, it's fixed. Center set up in the DDR and new Thunder component repaired. This is a consideration, because reinstall the operating system or other reasons may also be lost registration information. Another installation procedures in the installation is complete or when unloading may be prompted to restart. You can ignore this, it does not affect the normal use.

3. This is probably the last time dressing up Thunder, since time is tight, if not any bugs, so the end of this in the coming period will not and I certainly did not have the resources time to continue to modify and maintain version of the escalating Thunder. I will in the near future to the current version finishing the reversed open source code.

4. Thank you all for your support.

Blog: http://hi.baidu.com/ddrmsdos
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迅雷5.7.3.389去广告DDR 10.6版(安装版)
MediaFire Download:
Microsoft SkyDrive Download:

All DDR Thunder Project Files:

The English Translation Project (FAQ + Language pack):
I am using Xunlei English Translation

Full Changelog


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