05 October 2007

GSTorrent Version 0006 released

GSTorrent (Server- und Client-Software) Version 0006 released.

GSTorrent is client/server implementation of the bittorrent protocol. A background process handles all the connection and file transfer tasks, a gui client program allows to control the background process. GSTorrent needs at least Qt 4.3!. Why separating the user interface from the main program?

The server could run on a gateway computer or even a router without installed X. The bittorent protocol can also be interesting for companies to distribute content. With GSTorrent there is only one central server, which can easily secured. The actual control of the up- and download can be done from any computer within the intranet. GSTorrent allows to connect an (almost) arbitrary number of GUI clients simultaneously to one server. So whereever a computer is running, the admin can keep an eye on his bittorrent traffic.

Of course, having the main program and the GUI separated has other advantages, too. It is easy to update the user interface separately. 3rd-party developers can easily support their own clients. Bittorrent protocol experts can easily focus on their stuff, without need to think about boring user stuff (ok, perhaps only boring for them ;-)).

If this works so great, why limit GUI client access to the intranet? Simple, because this is where my focus lies now. As soon as I got the server stable enough and a sufficiently presentable GUI client, I will implement enough security features to make it save to connect to the GSTorrent server from most places, though not necessarily from an internet cafe. ;-).

Homepage: http://gstorrent.sourceforge.net/
Download: @Sourceforge


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