05 October 2007

Tribler v4.1.6 (BitTorrent-Client)

Tribler 4.1.6

Tribler 4.1.6 for Windows
Download Tribler for other platforms (including Ubuntu Linux).

- Easy downloading

Adds more than simple keyword search, youtube grid

- Recommendation and Friends

See what other people like, related files, find person with the same taste

- Video on Demand

When the download is on its way, you can use the integrated video player to start watching ASAP

- Wealth of content

Search both Bittorrent, Youtube, and Liveleak for content.

- All-in-one interface

No need to hunt down .torrent files on websites, upgrade to the latest Divx codecs, install the Flash plugin. Tribler has one-stop shopping

Please disable uTorrent Peer Exchange following these instructions. 4.1.7 will fix this.

Update: It appears 4.1.6 is still problematic. The problem appears to occur in large swarms and be due to our uTorrent Peer Exchange implementation. You can disable it by:

  1. Stopping Tribler,
  2. Going to the C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\.Tribler directory. To locate this directory, you may have to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in the "Tools / Folder Options / View" menu of the Windows explorer. On Linux/Mac the directory is $HOME/.Tribler
  3. Open abc.conf with a text editor
  4. Change the line
    ut_pex_max_addrs_from_peer = 16
    ut_pex_max_addrs_from_peer = -1
  5. Restart Tribler

Apologies for the inconvenience. End of update

4.1.6 fixes a nasty concurrency problem on Windows which causes downloads to hang for minutes at a time, also burning the CPU. May also occur on Mac. It is caused by unnecessary use of the (not ideally implemented) DNS resolver and slow DNS servers. Bad ABC. Bad Python. Bad sysadmins ;o)

New starting 4.1.5 is the remote search feature: searching in the Files view now also checks the torrent collections of the people you are connected to at that point in time. Also new is mainline DHT and uTorrent Peer Exchange support, for improved download speeds. And more GUI improvements such as list views.

You can also download Tribler for Ubuntu Linux by adding our Ubuntu repository. Older releases can be found on our SourceForge page.

Homepage: https://www.tribler.org/
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