18 July 2008

eMule 0.49a XDP v2.0 0WN3D by umek

No Auth. required!

Homepage: http://fuck-seba14.blog.com/ (FR) - http://leecher-world.com (DE)

Download: eMule 0.49a - eMule xdp 2.0.rar 4.73 MB packers: UPX_LZMA, PE_Patch, looks Good!!!
- Mirror
UPX compressed: XDP+.exe size 4.73 MB!!!!
unpacked and zipped for better AV handling:

eMule oversize Megazize Mod:)
MegaZize big but cool done!

Not UPX Compressed: XDP+.exe size 13,7 MB (14.438.400 bytes):
XDP+.exe 13.77 MB

Based on user feedback it should work! Size can be 3 times bigger if it was before for example with Armadillo or some Versions from Thermidia protected and unpacked after.

But now??? Em I'm the only 1 whith the problem:
Crash Dump on Win2k3 svr OS


Anonymous said...

I'm testing this mod now, for a couple of hours, and it works really good, no problems; it has no viruses, troyans etc. It was hacked by the same team who made OWN3D versions of XdP previously, so don't worry to use it ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the feedback. Was it exeprotected before, this wil explain the large unpacked (no upxed size of 14 MiB)?

Recon said...

P.S. If Thermidia > v1.9 I can get it unpacked w/o left rests form thermidia protector back to original size unpacked. Will post new unpacking stuff soon for new Armadillo and Thermida Versions.
thanks, good mod, great work to the unpacker hack!!!

Anonymous said...

I get a crash dump:
AppName: xdp+.exe AppVer: ModName: xdp+.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00ce4e04

Anonymous said...

i'm the black rider, always faster than you...
Armadillo Pro v6.0.0.600 BRD
CRD rls is not properly cracked. The options not available in CRD version are:
1. You can't choose to protect the file with hardware locking features.
2. You can't store the expiration value in the registration key.
3. You can't choose the style/type of the registration box to the protected exe (You only can choose the default style: Two-line text dialog).
4. When you create a fast project, you get a message about the cracked version is not cracked at all, instead it is the "Basic Version" and not "Professional".
5. Every exe protected crash after run it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work! shit!!!

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