08 July 2008

USD UniversalDownloader Paket +DVK, eMule Stulle Mod Private 0.48 & 0.49a Virus Alert

Virus Report

If you have downloaded in the past one of these programs:



Please re-download it or delete the following file names from the folders.

Some files was possible infected

from DVK_Plugins_24-06-2008.rar:

- nircmdc.exe (Backdoor.W32.VB.xb)

File have been repacked without the infected file here: DVK_Plugins_24-06-2008.rar 4.39 MB

from USD-Komplettpaket_24-06-2008.rar:
- usercashcom.dll (Trojan.Clicker.Win32.Pophot.au)
- Xvidznet.dll (Trojan.Clicker.Win32.Pophot.au)
- ddlmusuc.dll (Win32.HLLW.Mistri)
- flyload.dll (Win32.HLLW.Mistri)
- gameblog.dll (Win32.HLLW.Mistri)
- linkbank.dll (BackDoor.Nuclear.78)
- printip.exe (Trojan Downloader 54) > please repack with cab maker Curl Router Reconnector v0.2.9\progs.cab

File have been repacked without the infected files here: USD-Komplettpaket_24-06-2008.rar 25.37 MB

eMule 0.48a and 0.49a Stulle Private :

eMule.exe (Worm.Win32.DownLoad.gh) was in some stulle private

eMule.v0.48a-StulleMule.v5.3.Private.Light.zip 3.41 MB
SMSPorgWS_v5.3.zip 2.72 MB
SM_v5.3.zip 3.54 MB
StulleMule_v6.0_Private_2_VS2005.zip 2.95 MB

If anyone can send Fixed without Virus:
Trojan in emule.exe
eMule 0.48a Final Fight Gold 5Trojan in this emule mod!!!
0.48a eMule Final Fight Gold (5) based on
Sivka 0.48a v18a1-alpha

Modded by Ruffy

-Fake Rank
-Queue Size Verändert
-Max Queue Rank beim Download erhöht
-Ändern der Upload – Slotanzahl
-Upload wurde manipuliert, (Man kann es auf 1 setzen ohne das sich der Down-Speed ändert) Upload manipulated, it can be set to 1 it will not affect the Down-Speed
-Remove Ratio
-Remove Wizard
-Remove Help
-Added new Icons

Please post clean mod without Trojan!!!
All Files have been scanned to the date of publication but later AV updates shown it as possible Viruses by different AV scanners under different Virus names!


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