25 July 2008

eMule 0.49b Beta 1 No Ratio Patch Generic

eMule v0.49b BETA1 Ratio Remover Patch Generic

All Credits to MAF who made a patch a long time ago for eMule v0.30e, the eMule 0.30e Upload Limit Crack Patcher by MAF. To wyx who made for eMule 0.49a the upload limit patch for 56K modem by wyx.zip (2.3KB):


My Credits to:
KiDr0Ck0 who bring me on the idea to made it and all help with instructions what bytes needs to change.
diablo2oo2 for the Engine, this most powerfull I ever seen, especially the feature with compare edited/changed files with the originals and the port to ollydbg.

File Info:
Name: emule.0.49b.beta.1.ratio.patch.exe
Size: 18,5 KB (18.944 bytes)
MD5: 3ce1a2c2615757b56c3ba615c374ae0f
SHA-1: 2a23e23258f9d213a6e6915d0397b1f3f63f1ef0

Usage for Original eMule 0.49b Beta 1: emule.exe
eMule v0.49b BETA1 - Binary:

Download Ratio Remover Patcher: emule0.49b_beta1_ratio_remover_patch.rar 35.81 KB

For thouse who likes Design here a styled Patcher:

I want thanks all who make it possible to download old versions like oldapps.com, wish the content will be bigger.
Patcher is good for all eMule 56k Modem user but not limited.


Anonymous said...

With diabolo's search and replace patch modus + plugin run this patch engine using 0.48a patched and unpactched as pattern or find replace the bytes > it find and replace in near all mods same bytes and replace it automatical to no ratio the limits away

Anonymous said...

[-] The minimum 30 K upload or download speed limit of the 1:4 ratio by all eMule 0.48a mods using wyx changed bytes + Diablo's search replace patcher engine (min-max settings patt.)???

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