19 July 2008

eMule v0.49a XdP 2.1

eMule 0.49a XDP v2.1
eMule v0.49a | -XdP- v2.1
-- developed by umeK --

- Authent. removed
- Not exe protect/packed with Thermidia

Download: emule_0.49a_xdp_2.1.rar 1.89 MB - Mirror


Anonymous said...

OMG - umeK - this is the most awsome emule leecher i have ever used!
I want to get the source from you, or learned how you created this!
If that's private, then i understand...
Good work, umeK !!! Most Excellent!!!

Please, please, please come out with new v0.50a when emule does!

I did make one Mod myself to improve it's stealth...
it is now detected as just a standard emule v0.49a
by making the following changes to it's code (forgive me umeK):

003297EE: 20 00
003297F0: 7C 00
003297F2: 20 00
003297FC: 2D 00
003297FE: 58 00
00329800: 64 00
00329802: 50 00
00329804: 2D 00
00329806: 20 00
00329808: 76 00
0032980A: 32 00
0032980C: 2E 00
0032980E: 31 00

Anonymous said...

What Hexeditor do you use?

I try the same but... looks like I use for this code not the same hexeditor...

Recon said...

Can you send me as comment the mod with the changes @003297EE:,...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

It can be wrong edited. My Hexeditor is on BSD from year 1997

329740 65 00 63 00 74 00 69 00 6F 00 6E 00 20 00 43 00 e.c.t.i.o.n. .C.
329750 68 00 65 00 63 00 6B 00 20 00 61 00 63 00 74 00 h.e.c.k. .a.c.t.
329760 69 00 76 00 61 00 74 00 65 00 64 00 21 00 00 00 i.v.a.t.e.d.!...
329770 2A 00 2A 00 2A 00 20 00 43 00 6F 00 6E 00 6E 00 *.*.*. .C.o.n.n.
329780 65 00 63 00 74 00 69 00 6F 00 6E 00 20 00 43 00 e.c.t.i.o.n. .C.
329790 68 00 65 00 63 00 6B 00 20 00 6E 00 6F 00 74 00 h.e.c.k. .n.o.t.
3297A0 20 00 61 00 63 00 74 00 69 00 76 00 61 00 74 00 .a.c.t.i.v.a.t.
3297B0 65 00 64 00 21 00 00 00 30 00 78 00 25 00 75 00 e.d.!...0.x.%.u.
3297C0 25 00 63 00 00 00 00 00 30 00 78 00 25 00 78 00 %.c.....0.x.%.x.
3297D0 00 00 00 00 30 00 78 00 25 00 75 00 00 00 00 00 ....0.x.%.u.....
3297E0 00 00 75 00 2E 00 25 00 75 00 25 00 63 00 20 00 ..u...%.u.%.c. .
3297F0 7C 00 20 00 25 00 73 00 00 00 00 00 2D 00 58 00 |. .%.s.....-.X.
329800 64 00 50 00 2D 00 20 00 76 00 32 00 2E 00 31 00 d.P.-. .v.2...1.
329810 00 00 00 00 25 00 75 00 2E 00 25 00 75 00 25 00 ....%.u...%.u.%.
329820 63 00 2E 00 25 00 75 00 00 00 00 00 47 64 69 70 c...%.u.....Gdip
329830 6C 75 73 53 74 61 72 74 75 70 00 00 67 00 64 00 lusStartup..g.d.

replace check activated %u with 00 ????
Send please your edited exe here is my one:

Anonymous said...

print/send random mod name I got:

send no mod version string @hello tag:

Anonymous said...

Please post the text:

C o n n e c t i o n C h e c k n o t a c t i v a t e d ! 0 x % u % c 0 x % x 0 x % u % u . % u % c | % s
- X d P - v 2 . 1 % u . % u % c . % u GdiplusStartup g d

not Hex my editor shows it different.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry I took so long to comment back with a download link for this mod. Here it is:

eMule-0.49a-XdP2.1-Mod-No-Ratio-Stealth-Leecher.rar (1.89MB):

The Anonymous comment with the download link:
is a different approach to the mod, but leaves an undesired 'space' in the 'eMule v0.49a' version info right after the 'a' character. To fix that just change one more byte:

003297EE: 20 ---> 00 [space ---> nothing]

I hope everyone enjoys! - KiDr0Ck0

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, the Hex Editor I use the most is WinHex v10.0 SR7 (an older version). It makes working with files so easy, you will really like it. www.winhex.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot.
After it calls the version string by %u I must break with space 20 no continue with 00 direct till the end.
Gona download Winhex to see the same view.

Anonymous said...


Thats genius

I got it!

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Now this chat channel banns me too, I never did enter irc before so how can they have my ip. I asked around they mean userhash possible. I tried to remove the %s which is by u in the version string but no changes

Anonymous said...

-Error- #emule-english :Cannot join channel (+b)

possible userhash from mod???

Anonymous said...

I uploaded a Hex Editor for you other Modders out there. The shareware Win Hex will only let you save up to a 500KB file. The filedate is 11-20-2001 so it should also work for W2K and XP too. I use it mostly with 98SE. It's also useful for copy-paste operations with 2GB+ files that 98SE chokes on. Happy modding!

HexEditor.zip (446KB):

I tested the XdP 2.1 mod by joining the eMule IRC channel #emule-english (and probably any other 'offical' emule help channel). If you are kicked, you see the kick comment in the eMule IRC Status window like this:

* Ariesbot sets mode: +b MindUser22678!*@*
* MindUser22678 was kicked by Ariesbot (Banned: Unsupported eMule Mod or outdated eMule. Please get the REAL EMULE 0.49a @ http://www.emule-project.net)

You might have to wait a couple of days until they clear the Ban Queue if your IP is Static, but with Dynamic, often just a disconnect / reconnect will reset you so you can try again. Also, be sure to change your IRC Nick in eMule's IRC Preferences each time.

It's a simple test, but not as good as seeing version info on a download queue, which I haven't tried, sorry; but indications are that it should be displayed as:
eMule v0.49a

I was originally motivated by the necessity of either finding a good v0.49a no-ratio Modded eMule, or modding a standard 0.49a eMule. 56K Modem Users know how a 2KB/sec upload will come along and hit 3KB/sec due to emule 'overhead', and kill your Downloads. The eMule Developers have REFUSED to fix this problem:

My Post: 56k-modem Fix This Once And For All!

So, I had to find a work-around. So far XdP 2.1 by umeK (modded) and the eMule DaZZle Mod by Nick75 (modded) work great! I also found via eMule a small 323 byte 49APATCH.COM patcher by wyx that works great on a Standard eMule 0.49a! It lets you set 1KB/sec Up / 6KB/sec Down. IT's SWEET!

Comparing files emule49a-OEM.exe and emule49a-patched.exe:

095FD8:73 EB
095FD9:10 3A
15D845:75 E9
15D846:71 42
15D847:8B 01
15D848:1D 00
15D849:60 00
15D84A:A7 90
15D84B:7A 90
15D84C:00 90

-Just use a HEX Editor and change these bytes in emule 0.49a and then no problem for 56K modem users.

-Or, just download the 49APATCH.COM Patcher here:

eMule 0.49a upload limit patch for 56K modem by wyx.zip (2.3KB):

With a little hunting around in the code, i even figured out how to patch the new eMule 0.49b-Beta that they have for download in the eMule forums:

eMule v0.49b BETA1 - Binary:

The No-Ratio Patch for Beta1
Comparing files emule49b-Beta-OEM.exe and emule49b-Beta-patched.exe:

00094CB8: 73 EB
00094CB9: 10 3A
00160925: 75 E9
00160926: 71 42
00160927: 8B 01
00160928: 1D 00
00160929: 7C 00
0016092A: 47 90
0016092B: 7B 90
0016092C: 00 90

So, I figure, for now, my 56K Modem eMule problems are solved, and even into the near future as well. I think that as long as they keep coming out with new eMules, I will be able to patch them, no problem! Thanks to wyx for the original emule 0.49a patch and the code!!! I would also like to give credit to MAF who made a patch a long time ago for eMule v0.30e, the eMule 0.30e Upload Limit Crack Patcher by MAF.
- KiDr0Ck0 -

Anonymous said...

No very sure but maybe now I have it how in winhex:

please look so we can put emule 0.49b without ratio and upload limit for modem user on site:

Screenshot ratio 1st line to edit
00094CB8: 73 EB
73 to EB


Thank you

Anonymous said...


If I did not any errors following the instruction, the no ratio 0.49b hex edited emule binary must be:

original, with no ratio and exe rellocations stripped - crc internal corrected.

Please have a look if its error free and work



Download link

Anonymous said...

OK, here are uploaded eMule v0.49a No-Ratio and eMule v0.49b BETA1 No-Ratio for everyone:

eMule-0.49a-No-Ratio.rar (1.69MB):

eMule-0.49b-BETA1-No-Ratio.rar (1.9MB):

I added a slightly new touch to these files though; in the 'Server Info' Tab on 'Servers' button, it now displays the text:
eMule v0.49x
eMule - is patched to be No-Ratio Upload/Download

Nata - Good job, I downloaded, but have not tested it yet, but I read Noratio.txt file, and it looks like you got it right!

IlLusioN - there is a sort of a way for searching for the proper area to patch...

Simple explanation is: Use Win Hex to do a 'Search for Hex Bytes' then for first part of patch (first two bytes), search for HEX 73 10 and then for second part of patch (next 8 bytes), search for 75 71 8B 1D . This will get you close, if not right exactly there. You may also find multiple matches, and you have to pick the right one! It is a sort of method also of VISUALLY searching and examining the code with your eyes and sort of matching-up the code, comparing a version already known good patch with the new target, taking into account the relative location as well. For a more detailed explanation, see this TEXT file:

PATCH_NOTES.txt (1652 bytes):

It's really not that hard, but takes a little time and patience. I'm sure a lot of people can succeed at it if they try. We will all be looking foward to the release of eMule v0.49b Final for more practice!
If you download the zip file patch by wyx, there is assembly code listings, showing how to modify the source code for modders that merge and compile. Very useful information!

Anonymous said...

I use the diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher - [dUP]
Its unbelievable good tool.
It can compair the origianl file with the modificated and create from self the different bytes what is changed. Have a look.
I did first do the changes with Winhex, hit save, and later on load open the patcher engine, hit original file and second box the modificated/patched file, hit compair. Main window show the changed bytes offset. Hit create patch.
Thats my result by emule 0.49a Patcher
Picture Screen of the patche maker engine

I dont know how much the search replace will or can work, need to test if it can search whole byte combinations like in Winhex in a binary and replace the pattern.

Thats a good idea to make by the patched no ratio emule's something in the gui that it show when start emule if use the patched or not like you say a "x" or "+" sign somewhere.

The Patch for the emule 0.49a Original will be:


I looking the binary of emule 0.49 Morpf XT Private , see the changelog of the privat mod and from same coder the Stullemule 0.49a private, ratio + some more if can pick out something and patch into other mods?

Now here is my patcher for eMule 0.49a Ratio remover based on the changed bytes:
16,0 KB (16.384 bytes) (4 or 5kb is the icon size)

Recon said...

"find multiple matches, and you have to pick the right one!"
It's a problem can not automatizate with search and repalce patch engines. Need for favorite mods to make for each a patcher. 10 - 15kb size each = 100 patcher in set = 1 - 1,5 MB.

Recon said...


Can I put it as a blog entry to the main site. Its great information will help a lot people out there???
If yes I upload it onto server in Moskow or Kiev to be sure can not go lost with direct link.

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