01 July 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.3 080701 Beta No BHO - no plugins

Without FTP/HTTP Download Manager feature:

removed in emule.exe:
- Browser Helper Object and all sub entry keys
- emule Autostart with Windows registry Key / use shortcut to startup folder insteed
- From Gui: ftp/http download becomes without use so its been cleaned up
- Autocheck updates with interval / check website for update
- use easyMule as default and set key for emule collection etc. download using easymule permanent, all regkeys removed. / user choice

Dependend files removed too

eMule.exe size: 5,62 MB (5.903.872 bytes)

Not recompiled using the source, debugger and hexedit is much faster to work with. No need opensrc 4 doing changes :)

Rest: Bug Report will set an entry but no target there :)
IP to Country cvs updated to June from February 2008

easyMule-080701Beta-Bin-noBHO-noReg.rar 2.67 MB


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