01 July 2009

eMule 0.49c ZZ-R V2.7

eMule ZZ-R V2.7 by morph4u



ZZ-R V2.7
+ Fix for Simple Cleanup
+ Added forgotten Community setting in default Permissions Options
+ Changed/removed TransferWindow sideframes [idea jerryBG]
+ Fix StatsInterval (was not saved)
+ Fix SplitterControl for ATWL with Commlist
+ Fix SplitterControl for QueueListPerFile with Downloaded History
+ Removed ini+ class (cause no utf8 support)
+ Codechange to remove delay after closing Optionswindow
+ Codechange to support utf8 in nickname again
+ Push to Upload in Downloadlist
+ Drop Single Client



FileShareHost: eMule0.49c-ZZ-R_V2.7.rar 4.92 MB | DDL

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

test test

Anonymous said...

try eMulePro leecher uncrypted -> emulepro.6x.to

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks man

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