05 July 2009

eMule 0.49c X-Mod | eMule 0.49c Lite

emule client based on emule Xtreme Mod (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/emulextreme/) many enhancements, bugfixes and useful features from other mods. Lite Mod based on X Mod only keep the commonly used features and reduce memory usage.

X-Mod 1.5.1

minor fixes in kademlia\Indexed.cpp (WiZaRd)
upload : download ratio is very large in some situation

Anti-Random Modstring
MediaInfo 0.4 support
Shareaza's md4 and sha implementation

Save http sources

improve source save and allow save LowID source
minor improve in BarShader
use crypto++'s md5 implementation
use crypto++'s md4 implementation(netfinity)
compiled with official UPnP
improve the feature download from leechers while no upload
don't Failed-Download-Ban http sources
improve old features

code from NetF WARP 0.3a.13 BETA

* Rearranged for alignment reasons
* Moved this inline for speed!
* Credits Reset Exploit Prevention
* To reduce task switching on multicore CPU's
* Changed to types for better portability between different CPU targets
* Use cryptlib for non X86 platforms
* Latest CAsyncSocketEx(Version 1.3)


Homepage: http://emulex.sourceforge.net/?en-us
Downloads: http://sourceforge.net/projects/emulex/files/


ILluTioN said...

Try to erase prefernces.dat/ini (conig folder). ackup this folder first.

Recon said...

from homepage:

<span style="color: #ff3300;">Note: X-Mod has been updated today to mainly fix the crash about the first runtime wizard. Please skip the wizard if you use yesterday version.
Thanks **Riso64Bit**!</span>

Guest said...

From the official mods, Lite Mule is my Favorit!

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