16 July 2009

eMule 0.49c SBI Leecher 2.01

eMule 0.49c BSI Leecher v2.01
emule.exe Image is 32bit executable done with VMProtect 1.70.4 - 1.8 ( 2009.02/04 ) emule run in a virtual machine process nfo: PolyTech - www.vmprotect.ru , info says: find swf tutorial by Nooby www.google.com

-fixed upload bug

-add spooky mode [serverwindow/sbi controll]
-show users ip [transferwindow]
-add reconnect on low id [switchable]*
-add fake rank start value [switchable]*
-add fake rank update time [switchable]*
-add auto drop ranking QR>x [switchable]*
-add auto drop ranking time [switchable]*
-add ranking value for button & auto drop [switchable]*
-add file reask time [switchable]*
-add auto load/save sources[switchable]*
-add sources to save/load value [switchable]*
-add reload sources before save [switchable]*
-add show downloads in bold [switchable]*
-changed download in color code [switchable]*
-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes

Name: eMule 0.49c SBI Leecher 2.01
Coder: Butcho
Date: 2009-07-07
Forum: www.s
Version: eMule 0.49c Original
Support: gentil_monsieur and sarutobi (thx)
Testing: hitman and anon (thx)

Most AV's doesn't scan proper through VM Protect encrypted executables.