22 July 2009

Notepad2 4.0.22-beta5

Notepad2 is a great replacement for Windows integrated Notepad. Notepad2 is slim in size, installed about half a MB only, low in memory load and comes in one single Notepad2.exe file that's all the program need to run. Notepad2 is Open Source and have a lot of powerful features compared to windows notepad such as syntax highlighting, brace matching, tag completion, encoding conversion, code folding (with Kai's custom build) and a variety of other useful tools. Put together this mix of features, speed, and usability makes Notepad2 the ideal Notepad replacement.

read more on Homepage: http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html
Documentation: Notepad2.txt - Readme File (details the change log).
Notepad2 FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions.
Notepad2 - Encoding Tutorial.
Converting to a native Win32 Unicode application.

New in Version 4.0.22-beta5 (released July 21, 2009)

- Support for numerous Windows, DOS, ISO, Mac and EBCDIC encodings
- Enhanced encoding selection dialog (F9)
- "Recode" (F8) to reload file with different source encoding
- "Recode file as system default ANSI" (Ctrl+Shift+A)
- "Recode file as system default OEM" (Ctrl+Shift+O)
- "Recode 7-bit ASCII file as UTF-8" (Shift+F8)
- Option to load 7-bit ASCII files as UTF-8 (File, Encoding, Default)
- Option to disable encoding tag parsing (File, Encoding, Default)
- Issue warning if data can't be converted to selected file encoding
- Fix loading of (invalid) Unicode files with embedded null bytes
- /e command line switch to specify file source encoding
- "Insert Encoding Identifier" (Ctrl+F8)
- "Tabify Indent" (Ctrl+Alt+T) and "Untabify Indent" (Ctrl+Alt+S)
- "Increase Number" (Ctrl+Alt++) and "Decrease Number" (Ctrl+Alt+-)
- Option to auto-reload unmodified files changed by external programs
- Hotkey (Alt+F5) and auto-reset option for file change notification
- Manual and automatic reloading of files keeps current encoding
- Scroll find matches and jump positions away from bottom border
- Enabled new Scintilla indent modes for wrapped lines
- Option to set any characters as boundaries for word wrap
- Allow bigger tab-/indent-widths (256) and long line limit (4096)
- Allow setting extra line spacing (through "Default Text" scheme)
- Dropping directories displays file open dialog
- Enabled improved Scintilla Pascal lexing module (patch by Kai Liu)
- Consolidated styles to simplify configuration (patch by Kai Liu)
- Ensure cursor visibility on any background color (patch by Kai Liu)
- Remapped "Manage Favorites" hotkey to Alt+F9
- Remapped "Invert Case" hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+U
- Remapped "Title Case" hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+I
- Remapped "Sentence Case" hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+O
- Fixed various minor bugs
- Notepad2.exe program file no longer compressed with UPX
- Updated Scintilla library to 1.79

There exist Custom Notepad2 Builds from Kai Liu in 32bit and 64bit with fundamental improvements to flo's original version.

Homepage: http://code.kliu.org/misc/notepad2/

Who still need more functions can have a look to Notepad++ witch support of many plugins: http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/

Florian Balmer's original Build: http://www.flos-freeware.ch/zip/notepad2-beta.zip
Source Code: http://www.flos-freeware.ch/zip/np2src-beta.zip

Notepad 2 4.0.22-beta5 Custom Builds (Modifications) by Kai Liu

32bit: http://code.kliu.org/misc/notepad2/4.0.22/SetupNotepad2.x86-32.exe 270 KB
64bit: http://code.kliu.org/misc/notepad2/4.0.22/SetupNotepad2.x86-64.exe


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