22 July 2009

LimeWire Pro 5.2.7 for Windows

LimeWire Client 5.3.0 (Fix For Version)

older Changelogs

LimeWire 5.2.6 Beta
This beta includes all the main functionality that we're planning on for the production release of 5.2. Here's some new features since the last beta:

* Fixed painting problems in options dialog for OSX and Linux.
* Fixed Facebook friend support to stay logged in longer.
* More memory optimizations for search results.
* Download state cleanups.
* Fixed leaked listeners for friend login code.
* Added a forum link to the bug dialog to ease dialogue.
* Chat fixes for XMPP.
* Reintroduced friends button dropdown.
* Fixed browsing of ultrapeers from advanced tools.
* Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes.

5.2.5 (7.9.09) Beta

* Major memory optimizations for search results.
* Improved preventing of multiple LimeWire instances running at the same time.
* Enabled off the record chat for GChat.
* Lots of painting improvements.
* Fixed reconnecting to XMPP.
* Streamlining of Friends login and friends browse.
* Fix Options buttons not being visible in non-English locales.
* Support changing the download location for a started torrent download.
* Lots of bugfixes.

File: LimeWireWin.exe (nullsoft NSIS installer is signed)
CRC-32: d3b0d209
MD4: 56f88a5465eac295fb67bfe4ddca5ed4
MD5: 08ddff477e2c65ed1efa97a5b428f8b4
SHA-1: 095746f9891c5a4e20c56ee8f623a9b223ee2546
File Version:
Size: 21,8 MB (22.860.896 bytes)

LimeWireWin.exe 21.80 MB

Source code: http://wiki.limewire.org/index.php?title=Checkcode
Download the latest nightly snapshot of bundled LimeWire source code: http://www.limewire.org/limewire.zip


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