16 July 2009

eMule 0.49c XdP v5.0 RC1 by umeK

eMule v0.49c [-XdP- v5.0]
-- developed by umeK --


MERGED: to eMule 0.49c (umeK)
ADDED: Don't send XS [switchable] (umeK)
ADDED: show Average QR [Downloadlist] (Xman/Stulle)
OPTIMIZED: Upload Management [rewritten] (umeK)
OPTIMIZED: additional Punishment [rewritten] (umeK)
OPTIMIZED: Drop System (umeK)
OPTIMIZED: Sources Management [changed some timings & rewritten code] (umeK)
CHANGED: make QueueBlock switchable [Upload Management] (umeK)
CHANGED: Kick System [choose more Systems] (umeK)
CHANGED: extended UploadKick [better Kick method] (umeK)
CHANGED: Smart CreditPush [added new System & optimized some code] (umeK)
CHANGED: Reasks extended [Sources Management] (umeK)
CHANGED: some Icons [Toolbar,menu etc.] (umeK)
CHANGED: Total Up/Down code (umeK/JVA)
CHANGED: ModVersion/ModID code (umeK/JVA)
CHANGED: some ResStrings (umeK)
CHANGED: some defaults (umeK)
FIXED: some Icons [wrong sizes] (umeK)
FIXED: show correct App Icons (JVA)
FIXED: a Bug on Toolbar code (umeK)
FIXED: a Problem with max. allowed RQR on Queue (umeK)
FIXED: the fucking Hashbug on StartUp (umeK)
FIXED: a Bug on Extended Download Priority (umeK)
FIXED/CLEANED: some other code around the Mod (umeK)
REMOVED: European Community (umeK)
REMOVED: P2P WormDetection (Netfinity)
REMOVED: Hidden Prefs
REMOVED: AutoDropImmunity (umeK)
REMOVED: Text to speech (umeK)
REMOVED: Send Mail (umeK)
REMOVED: Help (umeK)

and much more....
FileShareHost: 2.66 MB eMule 0.49c -XdP- 5.0 RC1.rar

DDL: emule_0.49c_xdp_5.0_rc1.rar | Mirror

File: -XdP-.exe
Size: 5,72 MB (6.000.640 bytes)
CRC-32: d2a735e8
MD4: 397996daf74e200d3ce61c601a2dbae2
MD5: 04692bbb6f5129eabef5c05b82224890
SHA-1: 957fb7250f50b265b255a31af6f87f471b7d08a1
Herzlichen Dank!


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