28 December 2010

eMule 0.50a beba v2.63 beta

Modified by:


If anyone wants to help me test:
Get it there, report any bugs there or here.

News: New feature (inspired by aMule), new Client Analyzer (coded by WiZaRd), some alignments.

Semi-public beta, but no spreading on other boards please without linking here, as I'd like to keep track of what's going on.
Will be released on Dec 31 if nothing makes me explode before.

Any bugs? Tell me!




New feature: aMule-like server name display in status line.
New update: Client Analyzer.

Older Changes :

v2.62 [the between edition]:
Accidentally missed something when updating to .50a. :)

* August 31, 2010

- fix (b): fixed misaligned PPgWebserver page [Tuxman]
- fix (o): SourceForge.net downloads failed [Stulle]

v2.61 [the beloved edition]:
Shortly after having released beba v2.60, I dug through the code again and did some more fine-tuning. This first 2.6x maintenance release fixes some known annoyances. The legendary "Hidden tweaks" are now completely optional, basically hidden themselves, as it (usually) is not really necessary to change anything there. Of course this also affects more common settings like "Show active downloads in bold", but after all I consider it a good idea.

* June 30, 2010

- improved: added the "List All Requested Files" item also to the download clients list [Tuxman]
- improved: the meta data dialog is now correctly depending on "Show ext. controls" [WiZaRd]
- improved: the speedguide link now has a hand cursor :-) [Tuxman]

- fix (b): added a missing check for HAVE_WIN7_SDK_H [Tuxman]
- fix (b): "remove dead servers" did not work properly [Tuxman]
* note: the name of the prefs entry has been changed during this to avoid further confusion.
- fix (o): the new Shared Files panel was not translated correctly [WiZaRd]

- changed: "Show extended controls" is disabled by default again [Tuxman]
- changed: the Hidden Tweaks section is now hidden unless "Show extended controls" is enabled [Tuxman]

v2.60 [the better edition]:
Now this is more than just a bugfix release due to the new code base. The beba-only changes try to fix some small glitches and feature some rather tiny improvements. Oh, and you can finally choose your own toolbar skins. That's all, basically. Probably I will add more lightweight in a later version.
Special thanks to Spike2 and WiZaRd for important hints and some help with this version.

* April 27, 2010

- merged: eMule 0.50a
* including some lib updates

- improved: add and remove sources only from downloading list if they are visible [dolphinX]
- improved: added even more file types [Tuxman]
- improved: analyzed mod thieves are not added to Mod Stats anymore [Tuxman]
- improved: applied some smaller code changes and improvements [Tuxman, WiZaRd, Xman, Spike2, JvA]
- improved: clients on upload queue are also informed of an ID change now [Spike2/Stulle, modified by Tuxman]
- improved: don't create a beta test file (for ASFU) [Stulle]
- improved: increased width of the Queue number display label (may fix the truncation on some systems) [Tuxman]
- improved: layout of the Files options dialog (has been out of alignment since the .49c codebase update) [Tuxman]
- improved: readded the "don't draw hidden rect" improvement in several places [SiRoB]
- improved: reduced CPU usage of some UInt128 functions [NetFinity]
- improved: skip not needed requeuing on NNS [SLUGFILLER/WiZaRd]

- fix (o): disappearing tray icon fix [dolphinX]
- fix (o): friend detection fix [WiZaRd]
- fix (b): IntelliFlush was (partially) broken [Tuxman]
- fix (o): memleak fix in ArchiveRecovery.cpp [gureedo]
- fix (b): several memleaks in modeless dialogs [WiZaRd]
- fix (o): SortProc issue in SharedFilesCtrl [moloko+]
- fix (b): toolbar skins work now ;-) [thanks to jerryBG]

- changed: beba's classical FutureMule icon is back :-) [Tuxman]

- updated: Automatic Shared Files Updater [Stulle]
* includes a crash fix by WiZaRd
- updated: Client Analyzer v1.5 [WiZaRd/zz_fly]
* includes Anti-Corruption and stats fixes
- updated: Enhanced Client Recognition v2 [Spike2]
* includes CompatClientStats [Stulle]
* also added easyMule 2 detection [Sundawner]

Download & Bug report :





Sneko said...

Hi, kannst du vielleicht in der nächsten version upload feedback mit einbauen, der Esel läuft echt klasse, aber in der crew um wasserstände abzugeben, kann man den leider nicht gebrauchen, schade um diesen schönen Esel...

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