19 December 2010

eMule 0.50a UltiMatiX v5.0 Build 18.12.2010

Build: Dec 18 2010

+Drop sources + dropIcons + auto drop immunity
+Sivka File Settings>(adjustable per file)
+UNBAN detected leecher - DownloadList/ClientList/QueueList
+Ask Clients For New XS Sources
+Ask Server For New Sources
+Dropped src from UploadQueue +Log - (does not seem to have own reqfile! - Mod's with Share-Levels, DaZZle Leecher)
+don't drop complete sources [taz] : simplified version due to the change of show # of dropped sources
+change show # of dropped sources : shift m_ShowDroppedSrc to CDownloadQueue::RemoveSourceAndDontAsk
+fix show # of dropped sources : count only dropped
+fix CUPnP_IGDControlPoint : don't rely in module pointer which is "0"ed on constructor [taz]
+fix ICS preview priority [taz] : piority values were reversed




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Danke Engo3k!


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