13 December 2010

eMule 0.50a ZZ-R 3.7



ZZ-R 3.7

+ Fixed clients disappear in upload [thx umek]
+ SOTN optimization from SharkX v2.0B1 [taz]
+ Anti Mod settable to 50% score reduce
+ No upload to non-eMule (clients settable in in preferences.ini->NoUploadTo... 1 or 0)
+ ClientAnalyzer, Don't punish Friends or Releaser
+ Anti Mod, Don't punish Friends or Releaser
+ Fix for display default creditsystem in Clip-Stat
+ Dynamic Block Requests [NetFinity]
+ Changed GHL slider to editbox
+ Missing prefs for IP2Country in Options-Extended
+ Auto update ip-to-country.csv on startup
+ Open file details in downloaded history with double klick
+ Bantime settable in prefernces.ini
- Removed URL client [NetFinity]
- Removed "More GPLEvilDoers" from CA because now handled with Anti Mod





Anonymous said...

I missed very very very the excluding of Countrys. :(
Now my list is totaly full with nick-thiefs and Countrys who cliking on every new link.

I'm going back to the ZZ-R 3.5 in waiting to that addon.

Anonymous said...

Edit: the ban is not working. Kick = yes working.

Anonymous said...

why do you need to exclude countries? their is a ban for nick-thiefs in argos and ca mods + more. blocking by countries is excessive and should not be considered even as a last resort

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