31 December 2010

TLN eMule 0.49b Booster v9.1 (StealthPE or what packer used?)

It's an hexedited Applejuice

Fixed: problems connecting to the server or search results "fake" !
Revised released a new update of the software as of 11/28/2010 which should solve these two problems!
Note: You can install the new version the current version will be removed safely installed files located in your download now.
You can also solve the problem of "false results" by deleting the server Razorback2 (shown with a flag icon France).

BBS: http://www.lhnet.co.il/modules/lhforums/topic/494934-mule-or-turtle/...



older version:


no1else said...

I'm official mods testers (mostly taz's stuff - lately also eMuleFuture).
This is recycled stuff (look at emule.exe : dated 14/11/2009),
Besides I asked taz to put an end to this "UltraFast" popping in the upload list just after ending an upload session - well I can promise you, it's no longer taking place with SharkX v2.0.

Recon said...

it's any old applejuice reversed, hexedited and scrambled with an exe packer. its not a real mod. i will say it based on last aj beta and any hexeditor with resource hacker to replace the graphics.

My interest is how to unpack it.... I checked with exeinfo saying its stealthPE v2.2. I tried with Quick unpack 2.2 but wasn't able to unpack it. anyone can look into it and tell me is stealthpe only a signature fake? and how is it packed.

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