21 February 2008

Azureus Beta 34

Azureus Vuze B34 Changelog:

FEATURE: Core | Added µTorrent PEX support [amc1]
FEATURE: Core | Azureus probes trackers for UDP-capabilities on first scrape/announce now and uses udp instead of http where available [The 8472]
FEATURE: Core | Added option to enforce IP bindings even when the specified interfaces are not available (useful when Azureus should not use certain network interfaces) [The 8472]
FEATURE: UI | Added option for "Open Containing Folder" menu action - which may integrate better with non-standard file browsers [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | Added option for "Show Torrent Menu" -- Users can now decide to see the Torrent menu in the menubar or not [knguyen]
FEATURE: UIv3 | New menu configuration for Vuze and Vuze Advanced UI's [knguyen]
FEATURE: UI | Fast Renaming (not moving) in the Files tab (click on name column) and Open Torrent (click on dest. name column) dialog [The 8472]
FEATURE: UI | Completed downloaders column [The 8472]

CHANGE: Core | Further memory footprint reductions; for additional tweaks see http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Reduce_memory_usage [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | Reimplemented LT extension protocol code [amc1]
CHANGE: Core | DND/Compact (aka Delete) priority now deletes all files that do not share pieces with normal/high priority files [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | Queuing rules now don't start any further torrents if the global up/download speed limits are reached [The 8472]
- makes "don't count torrent ..." minimum speed rules more useful to dynamically regulate the queue lengths
- recovers faster from chain reactions in case of connection loss
CHANGE: Core | Made the crypto handshake a bit less predictable [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | Added support for IPv6 compact announces (client) and udp-multiscrapes (client+server) [The 8472]
CHANGE: Plug | Added support for plugins which implement mainline DHT [amc1]

BUGFIX: Core | Request limiting/Priorities no longer pinch off LAN peers if seperate LAN speeds are enabled [The 8472]
BUGFIX: UI | Shells no longer use the low-res frog icon, the normal main window icon is now used instead [amc1]
BUGFIX: UI | Limiting comments in General View to 5k characters under WinXP to avoid crashes due to faulty comctl32.dll [The 8472]
BUGFIX: UI | Setting speed parameters manually now disables autospeed [The 8472]

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site: http://azureus.sourceforge.net/index_CVS.php

Azureus3043-B34.jar - 21 Feb 2008 07:07:37 AM [10307576 bytes]


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